Posted on November 3, 2021

A Message to My American Brothers

Timothy Vorgenss, American Renaissance, November 2, 2021

Dear friends across the Atlantic,

An ocean separates us, but we are in the same leaky boat. Our governments may have differing interests, but what they have in common is that they have betrayed us and oppose our people’s continued survival. Thus, we have the same interests: to leave to our children a land and the freedom to live according to our customs. This common threat must be an opportunity to synchronize our efforts and to speak the same language.

Our opponents globalized their project. We must globalize the resistance.

My name is Timothy Vorgenss and my ancestral land is France. It is a hard country to love now, but in 2017 I organized a summer camp dedicated to principles of whiteness. I did the same in 2018 and 2019. I even was taken to court for this, but we must do better. We can organize a permanent summer camp for conscious white people, an eternal summer.

I have set up a network, a white self-help community for that purpose. I call it The Braves.

We are everywhere in Europe, and even in Massachusetts. I chose the name “the Braves” so that French-speakers and English-speakers everywhere would understand the word. Our slogan is “Identity, Security, Prosperity.”

Anti-white sentiment has spread around the world. So the pro-white network must do the same.

In France, the lapdog whites tell us over and over, “Racism is not an opinion, it is a crime.” The opposite is true. What they call racism we call preference — a legitimate preference.

The Left works with mantras to try to ward off the truth. How can we best defeat anti-racism? How do we cancel out the guilt of the Left, and simplify the argument into a single strategy?

In 2017, we fought with laughter. Laughing is important when declaring war. Sarcasm is a political weapon that demoralizes the enemy. But it is a short-term strategy. We must demoralize our opponents by understanding them better than they understand themselves.

On July 28, 1885, in the National Assembly, the French socialist Jules Ferry spoke of Africans: “We have the duty to civilize the inferior races.” White supremacy was the justification for colonization. There still is white supremacy, but it lives in the subconscious of the Left. That’s why it fights us so hysterically. We must force Leftists to understand themselves

Leftists obviously do not think non-whites are their equal. No one would try so hard to help an equal.

We see ourselves as different from others. They see others as inferior and in constant need of help.

The goal of our opponents has changed. They used to think that giving aid to poor countries would raise them up to our level. Now, they have started to adopt imaginary children — by the millions — to rear them in our ancestral lands.

Adoption requires that both parent and child believe in it, but white leftists alone believe in it. Their imaginary children merely covet the inheritance.

As our opponents set themselves up as the guides of humanity, arrogance froze their ability to think. They have become incapable of saying, “I made a tragic mistake.” In Western Europe, the Left has not yet understood that by destroying nations, it has created racial conflict and racial consciousness where there was none.

They have become priests of a new religion — rigid, hysterical, unforgiving. The church of multiracialism is unique. It is the only religion whose adherents force non-believers to practice in their place. The most vocal and powerful in Europe do not have Somali or Afghan neighbors. They do not send their children to school with Salvadorans and Haitians in America. They forego that enrichment so that poor whites can benefit from the blessings of diversity.

This civil religion would destroy our right to preference. It forces a choice between preferring our own people and culture or being expelled from mainstream society. We are social creatures and therefore very vulnerable to blackmail, but anyone who is asking you not to prefer your people is, deliberately or not, trying to eliminate you from history.

The religion that white people gave rise to is the idea that the other is just as important as myself. This is a powerful idea, which was useful as individual morality among kindred people.

Today, we are ruled by politicians who revive this idea in the interests of others against us, against the people who are the best — perhaps the only — followers of this idea. This is what allows them to produce a universal man, an interchangeable man. The left-wing priests create a man who is unable to grasp what the essence of patriotism is and is happy to go forward, eyes glazed over.

That is why we have made Legitimate Preference our antidote. This is what seals the leaky hull of the racial ship. I know I will be able to teach it to my children, without imposing on them an impossible social burden.

In the United States, as in Western Europe, it is impossible even to say, “All Lives Matter” or “It’s OK to be white.” Legitimate Preference asks only, “Who wants to be deprived of the right to prefer?” No one can be refused the right to prefer his own people.

The world of today is a product of leftist slogans. The slogans of the past have become the rules of the present. Concepts and slogans have power over the world of today, but even greater power over the world of tomorrow — if they are persuasive.

The way to create the world we want always begins with the same three first steps:

– Focus on the task.

– Understand that rewards will be delayed.

– Believe in what you know is true.

People rarely change their minds or care about the truth, but they adopt new ideas under certain conditions: If they hear them often enough, when their interests are at stake, and when new concepts are easily understood.

With a global slogan we can hammer home simple and compelling ideas: the right to preference. Our rulers will forbid it, but this will work to our advantage.

Our mission is to leave to our children and their children a 21st century that is racially safe and secure. Let us bequeath them this right so that they may make it their duty. This is the message I send you with fraternal greetings from our home continent.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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