Posted on September 18, 2018

Antifa App Targets Right-Wing Media for Censorship

AR Staff, American Renaissance, September 18, 2018

It’s said that silencing a man doesn’t prove him a liar — it only proves you’re afraid of what he might say. Yet it also proves that the censor is more powerful than the speaker. The marketplace of ideas, if it ever existed, has long since died, as an all-encompassing mass media under concentrated ownership, corporate censorship, and a far-left education system allow a dominant narrative to hold sway over our society. For a short time, the internet provided a voice for political dissidents. However, that voice is being silenced in part by self-styled “anarchists” working in partnership with corporate journalists.

The “No Platform For Fascism” web browser add-on is one of the censors’ tools. Created by the “Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council [MACC],” it is software that can be downloaded and added to a user’s browser, with the iconic red and black flags then appearing on your toolbar. The user can then see a list of videos on YouTube that the programmers have identified as “fascist.” By clicking the “report” button, preloaded text is put into the user’s complaint form to be sent to YouTube Support. The user does not even need to watch the video he or she is protesting. With one more click, the user is on to the next video and another block of preloaded text. On the right is the phrase “No Platform,” with the anarchist “A” symbol, the red and black flags, and the three arrows of the old German Social Democratic Party’s “Iron Front” incorporated within it.

The app keeps track of how many videos users have reported, including how many views those videos have accumulated. Like a video game, the user can track his progress in “fighting fascism” from the comfort of his chair. At the time of this writing, the app claimed that 88,355 reports have been filed, with 29 videos removed and 55 videos targeted. The app also features media updates praising the software. The latest is an article from the New Yorker’s Colin Moynihan praising “The Anarchists Combatting The Far Right On YouTube.” Mr. Moynihan notes that “YouTube, which says its mission is to ‘give everyone a voice and show them the world,’ has always seen itself as a platform for free expression, which means that rooting out hate speech may present a complicated task for the company.” Leaving aside the question of why legal free expression needs to be restricted at all, the piece does not answer why far-left groups should be the ones determining what is “hate speech.”

The New Yorker is not the only major media outlet praising the campaign. Vice’s Motherboard tech blog urges readers to “Help remove far-right propaganda from YouTube with this extension for Chrome and Firefox.” Author Arvind Dilawar also seems to share MACC’s agenda of, in his words, “driv[ing] bigots from YouTube.” Like Mr. Moynihan, he respects the desire for anonymity from some of the people behind the app, a courtesy that white advocates rarely enjoy from journalists. According to his biography, Mr. Dilawar is an “anarchist” like his subjects. He was also charged with felony robbery last year after reportedly stealing a phone from a person counter-protesting a left-wing group.

Still, the adoring coverage does not change the reality of MACC’s campaign. Despite their pretensions, the group’s tactics and agenda are in reality less about opposing the system and more about upholding it, with self-styled anarchists acting like hall monitors upholding the corporate agenda.

The “No Platform For Fascism” app’s preloaded complaint text for each video often ends with an exclamation point, the better to feign moral indignation or emotional distress from people who, in all likelihood, have not watched the video or would have never known of its existence were it not for the app. Sometimes there are even multiple punctuation marks, the better to pretend that an authentic human user is making the complaint:

  • “Why is YouTube providing a platform to celebrate genocide????”
  • “Why is YouTube giving the ***literal KKK*** a platform to spread white supremacy?”
  • “This hate speech does not belong on YouTube!”

Some of the targeted videos are rather inflammatory. However, even the most extreme ones are no worse than the more excitable declarations one can find by various non-whites on YouTube or from speeches and interviews from various historical figures such as the late Khalid Muhammad. For that matter, even the most extreme propaganda from the likes of the Atomwaffen Division is no more blood-curdling than the propaganda from self-described anti-fascists singing about how “we only carry hatchets to bury in your head.”

Some videos are clearly satirical. Others are recruitment videos for “far-right” groups, but it’s unclear why those videos should be deleted when equally extreme videos from leftist radicals such as antifa don’t get banned. It seems that, like the aristocratic ladies who visited Dr . Johnson to congratulate him on omitting obscenities in the first English dictionary, these “anarchists” are simply looking for things to offend them.

Some videos are not extreme or offensive at all and seem to be targeted precisely because they are reasonable. For example, the popular YouTube commentator “Sargon of Akkad,” who is no white nationalist, had one of his videos targeted because it is a discussion with the commentator “Millennial Woes” on white nationalism. The four-hour talk covers a wide variety of topics and can hardly be considered incendiary, hateful, or propagandistic. Sargon stridently argues against white nationalism. Nonetheless, anarchists say this discussion deserves “no platform.”

Similarly, an American Renaissance video called “Why Blacks Riot” is also targeted. This video calmly explains the epidemic of black mob violence victimizing this country. It references history, documentary evidence, and the words of blacks themselves. Yet as the app’s preloaded complaint describes it:

This video is extremely racist! It claims that black people are predisposed to rioting and do so in order to rob white people. How dare YouTube provide a platform for this racist garbage!

If videos such as this are to be censored, there can be no discussion of controversial issues on YouTube. The “conversation about race” Americans are urged to have is evidently to be a monologue. Race realists and white advocates don’t need censorship because if our ideas are freely discussed, we win.

In contrast, antifa and the journalists who support them need to resort to force in the streets and censorship online to prop up multiculturalism’s ramshackle edifice. Unlike Mr. Moynihan of the New Yorker, we think an attempt to “give everyone a voice and show them the world” sounds pretty good.

Of course, whatever free expression still exists online will not last long if the anarchists-cum-hall monitors continue to brigade content they don’t like with preloaded complaint forms and coordinated censorship efforts. Therefore, it is important for both racial realists and sincere believers in free expression to fight back.

Be sure to tell YouTube you are against dishonest, coordinated efforts to flag and censor content with prewritten complaints. Take the initiative to spread our videos on as many networks and platforms as possible. File a complaint in the Chrome or Firefox web store about the “No Platform” app because it is inherently abusive. Finally, become a creator yourself. Make your own videos spreading the word of white advocacy, even if it only means reading pieces you like from our website and making an accompanying video.

The truth is on our side and so is free speech. However, like Ben Franklin warned about our republic, our right to free speech lasts only so long as we can keep it.