Posted on November 1, 2017

Global Demographics and White Survival: What Is to Be Done? Part V

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, November 1, 2017

This essay is part of our symposium on “the world’s most important graph.” 

Global Demographic Projections

We asked our contributors to answer the following questions: “What should the white West do about this prediction, and what will we do about it?”

The fight against white genocide isn’t only to ensure the survival of our people and Western Civilization. It’s bigger. It’s to ensure the possibility of human progress.

More than ever, man is in the position of Nietzsche’s tightrope walker, stretched perilously over an abyss, slowly approaching a status close to godhood yet almost certain to fall to destruction. Medical advances, computer technology, and the research and collaboration potential of the internet have brought thrilling possibilities tantalizingly close. Private space travel, augmented intelligence capabilities, and even immortality are openly discussed as realistic prospects for people now alive. And yet, if we are honest, our children are more likely to inherit a future with far less capability for growth, achievement and greatness.

Indeed, medicine provides the best illustration of the choice the world faces. Scientists now have the capability of directly modifying the human genome and may eventually be able to prevent or cure diseases such as cancer. It’s easy to imagine future generations looking at our cancer-fighting tactics of injecting radioactive poison into patients with the same fascinated horror that we view the practice of “bleeding” the sick. Of course, such modern practices are possible only at exorbitant cost.

And yet, even as a field such as cancer research advances, our society seems to feed the very disease scientists are trying to cure. The demand for the cheapest possible food for the average consumer, combined with government subsidies for certain producers, fuels trends that actually promote cancer. Obesity is increasingly common and increasingly celebrated. Businesses are allowed to use dangerous, disease-causing substances in order to protect profits, while the cost of treating the sick is dumped onto the taxpayer.

Self-destructive tendencies are built into the system. The quest for efficiency and cost-cutting means factory farms. Huge cultivation efforts are required to produce feed for animals, which get massive doses of antibiotics. The results are the increased cost of living that comes from the loss of land, and the growth of disease-resistant bacteria that threaten everyone on Earth. Swarms of immigrants keep down labor costs while forcing up every other cost.

Entropy is embedded into our entire social order. Teachers spend years in training, and expenditures on schools are soaring — yet our rulers act surprised when blacks and Hispanics fail to achieve at the white level. We support a massive military-industrial complex designed to protect us from foreign threats — and then deliberately import those threats into our country and even punish national security professionals who warn of the danger.

Our society resembles a sinking ship with a crew that has been ordered not to plug the hole or even use buckets, but to pass handfuls of water from one person to another. When this doesn’t work, the captain orders more people to help at gunpoint. Regardless of how intelligent, dedicated, or hard-working our policymakers, soldiers, and intellectuals may be, without radical change, the system is doomed to become a global slum, a planet-wide favela.

The root cause is simple. We are required to believe the lie of human equality: that all races are equal in potential and intelligence. On a global scale, we sacrifice quality to quantity. We sacrifice excellence to egalitarianism. We sacrifice the First World to the Third.

And of course, because it is only on the backs of the few that human progress is made, we are ultimately making life worse for everyone. Even as the global population increases and there are ever greater demands for food, infrastructure, and health care, there will be fewer people capable of creating these things. The result will almost certainly be more leftist political movements with ever more outlandish demands to redistribute what few resources remain.

Escape from this downward trend requires a population capable of exercising restraint, practicing a low time preference, and able to recognize destructive trends and to change course. Instead, we will have a planet of Africans.

The Africanization of the planet will force to the forefront the Great Lie of Race Relations. The lie is that whites benefit from the presence and exploitation of non-whites. The truth is that we gain nothing from their presence. They need us; we do not need them. An African planet will further emphasize this terrible truth, as the competence, efficiency, and lack of corruption whites expect from their governments fade into legend, like our grandparents’ tales of being able to leave the front door unlocked.

Most whites, regardless of what they say publicly, work their entire lives to avoid having to live in a black neighborhood. When most of the world is a black neighborhood, this competition will become even more fierce, the atomization and deracination of urban professionals even more extreme.

The decision of our rulers to encourage mass non-white immigration hasn’t led to greater friendship between the races. It has produced a startlingly overt ideology of anti-white hatred, promoted by the non-whites dependent on those they despise, and by white renegades who seek status and profit by selling out their own people. There have always been traitors, as Jean Raspail reminded us. In the future, there will be more.

The poor, Christ said, we will always have with us. The Africanization of the planet will give us a great many more. But we will also still always have the rich. Like in the film Elysium, the rich will be those who can control the advanced technology of the near future. But unlike in that film, the rich are unlikely to justify their existence by a claim to superiority. Instead, like Hollywood celebrities, the politicians and corporate masters of the future will be aggressively egalitarian — at least publicly.

There is an exception to this vision of the world as a ghetto: Asia. China is enthusiastically colonizing the Dark Continent, to the indifference of the Western media. If present trends continue, the most ambitious and energetic whites may expatriate to Asia, where governments do not seem to be as determined to deconstruct their own identities. Of course, the Asian desire to maintain identity may make such an escape impossible.

Only the mentally ill actually believe in the ideas destroying the world. No one, when diagnosed with a deadly disease, believes he should not receive expensive medical care because that money would be better spent to save starving Africans. No one is an egalitarian when it comes to deciding where to live, where their children will go to school, or whom they will date or marry.

If we do nothing, the future belongs to those who most enthusiastically preach equality while most ruthlessly avoiding its consequences. The ideal man of the Age of Aquarius is a sociopathic hypocrite. If we do nothing, our rulers will make the Africanized world of the future into a desert — and they will call it equality. And there will be no escape.

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