Posted on August 28, 2017

Boycott the Goolag

Dan Roodt, American Renaissance, August 28, 2017

The current alliance between social justice warriors and politically correct global corporations is ushering in a new age of censorship and central control — the age of the “Goolag.” The latter pun on Google’s name was coined or at least made famous by software engineer James Damore, who dared to write a memorandum citing peer-reviewed facts about the different career interests and behaviors of the sexes.

James Damore

It has become easy for left-wing activists to lodge complaints with global internet behemoths such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PayPal, etc. about anyone on the Dissident Right, whose accounts are then suspended or closed with no appeals procedures and little factual investigation.

Over the last few days, tech companies have moved to take down alt-right websites from the internet. In addition, quite a few household names in America, including Apple, which has the world’s highest market capitalization, have openly come out on the side of the Left in the current “culture war.” The top five giants of global tech are Apple, Alphabet/Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. Google and Facebook support censorship and suppression of pro-white, pro-male or so-called “cisgender” opinion, while Amazon owns the Washington Post and Bill Gates prefers spending his gargantuan wealth in Africa.

However, Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken political interference by mega-corporations to new heights — or rather lows — by donating $2 million to the SPLC and ADL, who call even mild intellectual debate about the problems of multiculturalism “hate speech.”

Apple’s products usually feature on lists stuff white people like, and, like Mercedes or BMW, its main markets are in the developed, high-income world. Although Mr. Cook “couldn’t be more excited about India,” as he said last year, the country has only 3 percent of the smartphone global market.

Ironically, many racial dissidents probably own iPhones. I use one too, but only because I got a used one for free and can make unlimited calls for about $10 a month as a special deal here in South Africa. Otherwise, I would be happy to use a really good Chinese brand such as Xiaomi, which offer far greater value and better specs than the latest iPhone. Let us not forget Apple’s arch-rival Samsung, which sells more smartphones than any other company.

Please recall the South African Spur boycott I wrote about. We can all do without iPhones, MacBooks or any of Apple’s much-hyped products. There must be at least 100 million Europeans and European-Americans, if not 200 or 300 million, who worry about the advent of a high-tech Goolag that could turn the entire planet into a version of George Orwell’s 1984, where none dares engage in thoughtcrime or speechcrime. Ironically, Apple first used references to 1984 when it launched its MacIntosh computer in the mid-eighties against “Big Brother” IBM. How the tables have been turned!

Why not then boycott Apple, PayPal, Google, and other tech companies? They have embraced a new form of designer Sovietism, where a slick exterior and democratic cliches hide a sinister tendency toward the suppression of dissent. It would be tragic if the free speech and alternative media unleashed by the internet could be suppressed by a few “arbitrary decisions” by tech executives, to quote Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince, who also said: “I woke up this morning in a bad mood and decided to kick them [The Daily Stormer] off the Internet. It was a decision I could make because I’m the CEO of a major Internet infrastructure company.”

We face two problems, thanks to Big-Tech totalitarianism: payments and hosting. Both may be solved relatively easily, I think, and could lead to new business ventures as pro-Western groups all over the world realize that PC institutions no longer deserve our support.

Here in South Africa, we have often been forced to invent home-grown solutions, since our currency, the rand — although freely convertible — is not accepted by PayPal and other global systems. Also, our corporate and banking sectors have problems with government, and so will be loathe to take on new political problems by refusing services to dissident whites. Some web and payments services could even be routed through South Africa while new payment systems are developed.

As for hosting, the major companies all seem suspect. However, any $1,000 computer hooked up to a fast internet connection is easily set up as a web server, using free software such as Linux and Apache, and could handle millions of page views. Ideally, there should be a new hosting company with a cloud of computers in various Western countries with secret locations so that hostile governments or Big Tech could not shut us down. Eventually, all right-thinking people would use such a service, since freedom of speech and reliability would be its founding principles.

Torrent services offering free music and movies, such as the infamous Pirate Bay, have survived high-profile court battles and government crackdowns, and still keep going. We should study their methods. We do not that we want to do anything illegal, but if you can hide your server from governments and Hollywood studios, you can surely make it less accessible to the average SJW.

It’s a cliche from those horrible business schools, but “let’s turn adversity into opportunity!”

And put those iPhones away. Let Apple become the brand of illegal immigrants and the antifa.