The Derbyshire/Weissberg Affair

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, April 12, 2012

Feeding the beast only makes it stronger and more arrogant.

Just three days after firing John Derbyshire as a National Review contributor, the magazine’s editor Rich Lowry announced that Robert Weissberg was persona non grata, too. His crime? He “participated in an American Renaissance conference where he delivered a noxious talk about the future of white nationalism.” Prof. Weissberg said that any movement based on white racial identity is “dead on arrival,” but it seems that merely speaking at an AR conference is “noxious.”

Mr. Lowry even thanked—yes, thanked—the people who called Prof. Weissberg’s noxiousness to his attention. Who were they? Something that calls itself the Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights (IREHR), one of those peeping-tom lefty organizations that issues breathless reports on the doings of “racists.” IREHR claims to investigate “the smallest corners of white nationalist activity,” which accounts for its April 5 write up that mentioned Prof. Weissberg.

There are, of course, no equivalent groups on the Right. No one makes a living snooping to see who once had lunch with a Weatherman or who bankrolls the New Black Panthers. There’s no point to it because the Left does not recognize thought crimes on the Left and does not sacrifice its own. Unlike the Right, which is always terrified of what its enemies might say, the Left doesn’t care. It doesn’t let the Right make its policies and hiring decisions for it.

The Right could scream all it wanted that William Ayers admits he planted bombs and wishes he had planted more, but the University of Illinois-Chicago will never fire him as distinguished professor of education. It is impossible to imagine the university firing Prof. Ayers and then thanking the conservative snoop group that dug up the facts. But that is exactly what National Review did in the case of Prof. Weissberg. IREHR issued Mr. Lowry a cheeky but justified “you’re welcome” after Mr. Lowry took its advice and cut off Prof. Weissberg.

Don’t these invertebrate “conservatives” realize that cringing is fatal? As Mr. Derbyshire himself points out, “the more you feed the beast, the stronger and more arrogant it grows.” Any two-bit lefty with a blog can make National Review dance like a cat on a hot tin roof. The solution? Refuse to dance. So long as “conservatives” keep dancing the Left will keep collecting thank-you notes.

Prof. Weissberg spoke at the AR conference on his own time. He never said a word about National Review, but Mr. Lowry has apparently absorbed lefty manias to the point that he thinks he has to police the conduct of his contributors 24 hours a day. There is dreary sport in imagining what else a contributor might have to do to get the Weissberg treatment. Get a summons for wife-beating? Be convicted of manslaughter? Get caught with a call girl? Advise the North Koreans on rocketry? Hard to say, isn’t it?

But take part in a conference with people who think that even white folks have legitimate interests as a group and you are no longer fit for polite company. This is especially contemptible coming from a magazine that claims it “stands athwart history yelling Stop” and that used to defend the very positions American Renaissance now takes.

NR made no friends by cutting off its smartest contributors. It earned the contempt of both its supporters and its enemies. The beast just wants more, and the beast will get more for precisely as long as “conservatives” are content to be the lap-dog opposition and let their enemies tell them what they can and cannot say.

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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  •  IREHR is one Leonard Zeskind and his fax machine in a Kansas City basement.

    To say that Zeskind is an far-left extremist kook is an insult to far-left extremist kooks.  And it is to his tune to which Rich Lowry and all the arrogant subcontinentals that run NR now dance.  It won’t be much longer until Lowry actually hires Zeskind to write for NR.

  • Boereseun

    This magazine, in an attempt to make itself more ‘attractive’, has promptly shot itself in the foot. It has shown its true colours. It ain’t a magazine for those on the right. It’s one of those that tries to cater to everyone to bolster its in flows of $$. Do they think those on the left will start reading? Ha, no! The left see red now and will keep attacking every little peep over race till the magazine is nothing but a floating turd in the sea.

    Lowry is a sell out, he fears his own pay cheque and will sacrifice the entire conservative base of America to keep it.

  • No

    Exactly right.  Refuse to dance.

    We are now two ideologies under one flag.  It just remains to be seen which one is the Titanic and which one is the iceberg.

    My money is on us.  We’re the iceberg.  Only 10% of us are visible . . . while 90% of white racialists are out there, lurking beneath the surface.

  • Hirschibold

    “Be convicted of manslaughter?” Ted Kennedy drowned a woman, so that’s close enough.
    “Get caught with a call girl?” Two words. Elliot Spitzer.

    • IstvanIN

      Liberals are allowed to kill (Teddy), hire prostitutes (Elliot and Barney), serial cheat (Bill).  It is an unwritten law.

  • Rocky Bass

    You just have to wonder, who is it EXACTLY NR is hoping to win over with these self immolations? To me it seems a no brainer, lose lose proposition to capitulate to the left’s shreekings EVER, ever how shrill they may become.  Lefties are not going to convert to NR readers, especially given the verification that THEY are the holders of any moral high ground that having to point out NR’s shortcomings would suggest. You have done nothing but make the crocodile fatter and more lip-smackingly desirous of more of YOUR FLESH!

  • MikeofAges

    John Derbyshire and Robert Weissberg deviated from the democratic universalism of the conservative intelligensia. The conservative counterpart of the “people are fungible” universalism of the political left in the West.

  • Xanthippe2

    Sorry, I’m a bit out of touch.  Everyone is going on and on like NR was a great pro-White mag that has just recently started to decline.  Why is this?  Didn’t it take its first huge steps downhill years — even decades — ago?  Isn’t this final last bit of sliding towards the bottom the predictable outcome of those jumps downhill long ago?  How long has it been since NR truly spoke for American Whites?  Why all the tears over something that has been part-dead, part oppo-controlled for years?

    • Heinrich24

      My thoughts exactly. Frankly, I am both stunned and saddened to find out that anyone here even pays a lick of attention to that vile, Neocon rag!! Who can be surprised at these devolpments given the overriding NR worldview of recent decades?

      Rich Lowry is Sean Hannity with a magazine. Why would anyone expect anything different from such raceless, cowardly gasbags?!

  • dukem1

    Two things.
    1. We talk about the Bill of Rights almost exclusively these days re: the 1st and 2nd amendments…I’m really too lazy to look it up, but I thought that somewhere in the Bill of Rights citizens were guaranteed Freedom of Association…for whatever that’s worth.
    2. A number of years ago, I recall a magazine ( The American Spectator?) began to bestow a “Strange New Respect” award…typically for a conservative who started acting and talking like a in, newspapers, magazines, etc. would begin mentioning how this person was gaining a “strange new respect”.
    Lowry is apparently chompin’ at the bit for this award.
    What a putz.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Why are the political Left so successful?. Why is it that THEIR ideology, THEIR way of thinking, has to define the very DNA of mainstream discourse?. Why is it that even “Conservative” publications have to kow-tow to the leftist paradigm?.
    I am, of course, being rhetorical; the answer, as most enlightened people know, is that the Left dominate the media, academia, “entertainment” industry, legal “profession”, and judiciary (which most times isn’t very judicious, as the recent charging of George Zimmerman amply demonstrates).
    So, considering that the Left are everywhere, and that the number of people who are “not like us” is very great, and are also everywhere, what is the solution?.
    Is the solution peaceful and democratic; can the solution be achieved through reasoned argument, and ‘without a shot being fired’?.

    • bluffcreek1967

      More than likely, some kind of revolution will occur in our country when enough people get sick of all that is the mark of modern-day Liberalism/Leftism. What shape or to what degree it will take is anyone’s guess, but I suspect it will not be pretty or without some bloodshed. The divisions that exist between us seem too great to be resolved merely by reasoned discourse – although I would hope for this avenue of approach rather than violence.  

      Part of the reason the Left took over so many of our American institutions is because most of us were asleep. The average American is busy with the things of life – such as marriage, raising a family, securing a job and paying a mortgage. I think most of us are not intellectually inclined to think through the ideology and implications of Leftist dogma – and this is especially so within the past 20 years as we’ve grown more ‘touchy-feely’ and anti-intellectual than ever. Moreover, the Left’s thinking has influenced our culture and society incrementally, similar to the frog in the kettle which doesn’t realize its grave circumstances until it’s too late. Before we had even realized what occurred, each and every institution in America had been intellectually taken over by the Left. The result has been exactly what we see today in the attitudes of our youth, outright hostility toward traditional values and an anti-Western sentiment that pervades everything. I think we are witnessing the destruction of our Great Republic.

    • slobotnavitch

      Well spake, indeed.  Why not become a loyal American?  While we appear to be on the same dismal trajectory as our UK cousins, we may have a few decades left with which to rear our children.

  • RobRoySimmons

    Have pity on Weissberg, by his culture he is only allowed to quibble the details of the Blank Slate Theory, not denounce it as without proof.

  • I used to admire, and enjoy reading, National Review. But I’m appalled and saddened to see that Mr. Lowry appears to have “drank the Kool-Aid” when it comes to a craven fear of offending the Left on matters of race. Mr. Taylor is right to pen the above piece, calling attention to NR’s lack of guts when it comes to the “R-word” (race, of course).

     Perhaps someone needs to start another conservative magazine and blog which deals with race honestly and without fear, as does AmRen. NR used to be that way, but it’s fallen by the wayside under the guidance of Mr. Lowry’s “younger generation.”

  • Charles

    I love Derb. Jared should take a look at Weissberg’s interview with Politico. He describes himself as a liberal who loved the civil rights law of 1964 ( he presents himself as a racial liberal). Furthermore, he trashes white nationalism. Derb is a man of courage–Weissberg is a sellout.

    • No, Weissberg is not a “sell-out”. He simply looks after the interests of his own genetic Tribe. As Whites will learn to do, or they will not survive.

      • jeffaral

        Weissberg in Yidish means white mountain.   Funny how these names keep cropping up all the time.

  • With so called “friends” ( I do realize he was never our friend) like Rich Lowry, who needs enemies? Boy do we ever need a nationalist party to emerge that will not cower and kowtow to the leftist race pimps and their incessant accusations of “racism” and violations against diversity. The word conservative has been so perverted and distorted that we now have people like Rich Lowry masquerading as a “conservative.”
    You know what my definition of a “conservative” is. Jared Taylor!

  • pstreitz

    ” Perhaps someone needs to start another conservative magazine and blog which deals with race honestly and without fear, as does AmRen”

    Could not agree more.  As much as I love the Internet, I still think there is a place for print magazines and that it was a mistake to close down the AR’s monthly paper version.  I felt that it had articles that were often too long for the internet, but maybe I am wrong here and no nothing about the realities of publishing.   We have the blog of AmRen, but need a magazine that is on the newstands.

    • jackryanvb

      Try to produce your own “Zine” – newsletter that is printed on 8 1/2 X 11 paper in Black and white and can be photo copied and pass on to others.

      The anti – Communist resistance did this back in the Soviet Union when the Communists had a complete monopoly on the mainstream press.

  • I thought it was Sharpton who said that.

  • jackryanvb

    I dumped National Review when that Grima Wormtongue Neo Con David Frum wrote the hit piece, smear piece on any and all “Conservatives” who dared speaked out against the fake patriotic war against Iraq.

    “Unpatriotic Conservatives”.He ended “We turn our back on them”.

    • MartelC

      The irony is that he was a Canadian immigrant who put Israel first.

    • Thats exactly when I began to “see”,too. I’ll never forget reading about this brouhaha in my Sundat Paper. Frum calling pat “unpatriotic”!!!!!!

  • razorrare

    A more appropriate,upgraded(downgraded)name for NR would be “Pavlov’s Dogs.”

  • Diamond_Lil

    Seems NR wants to be as spineless and pandering as Huff Post.  Pathetic.

  • Red

    I suspect that Richard the Sackless, like too many “conservatives” these days, will happily throw his magazine under the bus if he believes it will make liberals please stop calling him a racist.

  • .

    Mr Taylor’s piece is brilliantly written. But he says what we all know to be true — Capitulation and appeasement only encourage more outrageous demands, threats, etc.

    A comparison can be drawn to the situation in which someone begs forgiveness after saying something “politically incorrect”. It rarely mollifies their critics. The sharks merely smell blood in the water and go into a feeding frenzy. The proper response to leftist demands is a middle finger.

    Lowry has shown himself a fool for not realizing that.

    • Lowry isn’t a fool. He is simply following the widest money trail, a trail that many Conservatives have followed before him. The one that leads directly to the Zionist, war-mongering wing of Organized Jewry.


    I let my sub run out in 1999, but I still picked up the occasional copy at Borders since it was still just barely worth reading. After 2002 I stopped buying it at all.

  • JohnEngelman

    Bad ink is better than no ink. This matter will enable more people to learn about American Renaissance. I learned about AR when someone suggested I read “The Color of Deception,” by Tim Wise.
    This is an effort to refute Jared Taylor’s “The Color of Crime.” It was such a feeble effort, that I read “The Color of Crime,” found it convincing, and discovered this website. I have been posting comments here ever since. 

    • Spikeygrrl

      Amen! I’ve been using the Zimmerman/Martin case to recommend/link-to Taylor’s 1991 masterpiece “What Is Racism?” on every political forum to which I belong.

      It should be noted that this sort of outspokenness is not for everybody! I can do it with impunity ONLY because I stepped off the conventional corporate hamster-wheel 16 years ago and thus no longer have a conventional corporate job to lose over it…in the same way I lost two well-paid corporate jobs in the past for expressing such opinions ON MY OWN TIME.

  • When “Bill” was alive? It was Buckley who began the NR sell-out to war-mongering, big-government neo-cons when he spooned with Podhoretz. In fact the rot began even earlier than that, when Revilo Oliver smelled something evil and walked away from the carcass, soon followed by Joe Sobran, then Pat Buchanan, and now Derbyshire. This is all good: a new right formats, and it has nothing to do with the word “conservative”.  Conservatives want to stay on the kosher gravy train. HardRights intend to derail and crash it altogether.    

    • 1Gandydancer

      Read, and think, with more attention.

      dd said he dropped his subscription -when- Bill was alive.

      Lowry’s gravy train isn’t particularly “kosher”.

      Sobran, Buchanan and Derbyshire didn’t “walk away”, they were ejected. It’s Lowry that -should- be ejected, but that’s no excuse for your loose way with facts.

  • “cringing is fatal”.  YES!!!  Jesus Christ!

    Just tell me already, what does it take for one to understand the most basic of basics and that is, to give is to give in.  I thought this was Common Sense.

    feed the beast – DUH!!!  Where oh Where is the Common Sense?

    Folding and/or Pandering is, at its Very Core, Utterly and Completely, UN American.  Rub a cat backwards already.  “We” don’t fold, pander, give in, submit or answer to anyone for anything.

  • can and cannot say – FREE SPEECH!  I always believed it was No Coincidence Free Speech came First.  This Subject was weighed more than the rest and thus, is First for without being Free to Speak Freely, one and all can never really communicate.  I find this to be The Life Blood of America.  Jehovah and Jesus are the Life Blood of course but you know what I mean….

  • Dave4088

    The NR positions did indeed used to coincide with AR’s back in the day, and I remember articles in the early and mid 1990’s detailing levels of black crime and the anti-white bias of Hollywood.  But those days are long gone.   NR has now morphed into a neo-conservative, anti-racist rag.  Of course, it’s ok to broach the subject of race when discussing the so called existential threats posed to the Jews of Israel, but the rest of us get equality and anti-racism.   

    I think the National Review drop the pretense of being “conservative” and merge with the Huffington Post or Daily Kos. 

  • I read this far – I do intend to read further – but I have to stop and comment on this: “No one makes a living snooping to see who once had lunch with a Weatherman or who bankrolls the New Black Panthers.”

    David Horowitz and those around him perform this service. Horowitz should know, as an ex-Leftist with friends killed by Panthers. The site “Discover The Networks” is exactly as described here. Now, whether the mainstream culture pays attention to Horowitz / DtN or dismisses it as a gaggle of cranks as they dismiss AmRen, that’s another issue.

  • Add to that list the McLaughlin Group when he sits in!

  • Carney3

    I have enormous respect for Jared Taylor and of course his core contention of a double standard in the Left’s favor is spot on.  But he overstates his case a bit.

    Andrew Breitbart’s network of activists does precisely what Mr. Taylor denies the right does – snoop undercover in the underbelly of the left to sniff out scandal and extremism.   That’s what James O’Keefe does full time, for pay.

    And Shirley Sherrod, Van Jones, and most recently Hillary Rosen can testify that the Left does indeed disavow and even fire people who embarrass it by going too far for Middle America.

    Now I’ll admit this is a relatively new phenomenon, one caused by the Right at long last giving the Left a taste of its own medicine.  But it does exist.

    • hmastercylinder

      The point was that the left doesn’t throw anyone under the bus. Sherrod made millions not farming through Pigford. They offered her job back to her, but she’d rather sue them for millions. Van Jones was merely shunted sideways, to another rabble rousing Soros dvision. Hillary Rosen will reappear just as soon as it’s safe.
      The point is perfectly valid. The Left doesn’t dance to our tune; neither should we dance to theirs.

      • Carney3

        Wrong. Sherrod was fired instantly. Van Jones went from a policy-MAKING role with the WHITE HOUSE, to exile, TRYING to influence policy with a left-wing group. Hillary Rosen was buried under an avalanche of instant condemnations and disavowals.

  • anonymous_amren

    Do you have any idea how much harm your irrational Clinton-bashing has done to us? Now that we actually have a President who needs impeachment for complete treason, inelligibility for office, etc. we can’t even mention impeachment without looking like a laughing stock. Nobody cares if Clinton had lots of sex. It’s irrelevant to the job.

    •  You’re right.  Nobody cares about Clinton’s sex life.  But perjury is a felony.  Many people have gone to prison for lying under oath about matters even more trivial than sex.

      • hmastercylinder

        Scooter Libby.

      • MikeofAges

         Most people do not understand what Clinton was impeached for. Perjury and obstruction of justice. His affair with Monica Lewinsky was evidence (of a modus operandi and pattern of conduct) admissible in the Paula Jones lawsuit. That’s why he tried to hide his affair with Lewinsky.

  • anonymous_amren

    He’s someone who publicly tells the truth about black people when no-one else dares.

  • Were it not for the canning of John Derbyshire his TakiMag piece would have gone wholly unnoticed beyond preaching the choir. 

    His pink slip was, no doubt, a major boost for TakiMag, Derb and, more importantly, the truths he told. 

  • Anon12

    Yes, yes, yes!

     The same can be said for a few apologists even here on many of  the Amren articles  who remind me of those neoconservatives who “took over” the real conservatives.   They don’t sound like racially aware Whites EXCEPT when it comes to posting about blacks. Other nonwhites and their threat ALSO  to White survival, seem to get a free pass from these posters. Some want them to “join us” as ONE.

  • Jehovah is Angry.  “We” left Him.

    Stink Bugs Destroy Crops, Jap Beetles Eat Trees and Chinese Disease Destroys Fruit.  That’s what ya git when you accept “Christianity” as one being one as ‘all accepting’…

  • robinbishop34

    According to my ‘old’ political science textbook a neoconservative is described as a previous Socialist or liberal Democrats who then turned to a more traditional perspective.

    It also describes them as advocating military over diplomatic solutions to foreign policy and less concerned with restraining government than traditional conservatives.

    In other words they traded in there tie dyed shirts and bongs for suits and briefcases in order to make Zionism not only respectable but worth dying for no? We can’t expect these people to be nationalists when internationalism is paramount to their cause.

  • rudeboi

    “There are, of course, no equivalent groups on the Right. ” What do you call Breitbart and his ball boy O’Keefe?

    • conserve1


  • loyalwhitebriton

    Just to demonstrate the hypocrisy at play here:

    Zimmerman shot Martin, so Zimmerman is portrayed as a White guy in a media circus about “racism”.

    What if Zimmerman had been shot by a white guy?; why suddenly, Zimmerman would be Hispanic, and there would be a media circus about racism.

    “Heads I win, Tails you lose” comes to mind.

  • MartelC

    Remember that many of the republican elite are RHINOs- particularly the Neocons.  Look at Cameron in UK – and look at Romey or McCain here… 

  • Anti-racism is the idea to pacify the humanity by mixing all races but is in practice the elimination of the white race only and participates to the humanity’s self destruction processes. It is a form of biopolitics to which we oppose something expressed by Guillaume Faye approximately as: “Do no ask why we fight, but for whom.” When we imagine our peoples, we don’t pay much attention to what people think, what they do, to which gods they prey, and, this is central, who they take in as long as all this do not endanger their existence and genetic integrity. As white men, for a great deal, our motivation is that the beauty of our women remains as it is and that they are not taken away by men of other races. A few hundred years ago, we would have no need to rationalize about this as we do today, where auto-genocidal ideas have taken place among us and politics of miscegenation are actually implemented. Against us may have been a misinterpretation of Darwin’s teachings which, beside accentuating international competition on the one end, has fractured the society and opposed to the mistake that all men are equal those that a man exists by himself. It is not true that life has a purpose, it is simply what remains. There is no teleological will of survival; moral is a product of life and not the other way round. Hence, live is not without moral but also beauty and true, and all of this will always blossom anew, but only from what still is and who we are; we are traditionalist and conservative in the biological sense. Also, in someway, because they differ in their nature, selfishness is not in all cases the opposite of altruism.

    To escape in the one peoples Utopia or to affirm the world with its multitude of peoples is a matter of yes or no, but, while soil and blood are both necessary, our preference for peace and fertility, for the invariability of blood over the invariability of soil needs measure and steadiness in its implementation. Mr Derbyshire has married outside his race and his descents will have no place on the soil where we will live. People of mixed descend are tempted by the party invariability of soil above invariability of blood but may still join our cause, even when not sharing the same territory, because the old races have precedence over the mixed ones: A mixed race can be reborn from the old race but not the other way round. Mr Weissberg as Jew will also have no place on the soil where we will live. The Jews have choose to be a people for they own. Maybe they are mixed with an old race that has died and cannot be reborn, and therefore must have their own destiny. Maybe some are whites and can return to their motherland if they forget to be Jew. However, the rule of the old living white races is to keep their blood clean so that they can differ, and finally divide even themselves as life commands to do. Because when they divide, they must choose who belong to them and who not, and because the freedom of association is the mother of all freedoms, life commands whites to be free.

  • I’m a black man who according to John Derbyshire I’m more likely to hurt you white people, we all blacks are dangerous for you, so the Derbyshire’s advice is simple…….avoid blacks, JUST IN CASE

  • Spikeygrrl

    Derbyshire was right. I don’t think anyone alive LIKES the fact that racial disparities in intelligence, behavior, and morality exist…but since when has it been effective to remove FACTUALLY unpleasant realities by merely wishing them away? 

    Unless/until we find an effective way to eradicate ghetto [anti-]culture in those who practice it — regardless of race! — the best we can do is warn our young people against it and school them on how to avoid it. Which is exactly what Derbyshire did.  

  •  First, we need to repudiate the Fed, so let there be no unambiguous thoughts about that.

    But I’m just not given to silver bullet thinking.  You know, the notion that we can just repeal the Fed, or doff Christianity, or repeat a given set of words over and over again, and that by itself will make everything magically better by forcing everything else to fall into place.

    And yes, to those whom it may concern — If you think this is a message directed at you, it is.

  • 1Gandydancer

    Lowry is the guy who is so anxious to get on the Left side of history that he wrote an article titled “Al Sharpton is Right” about the Trayvon Martin case. His position changed, eventually, but the article went down the memory hole without a mea culpa.

  • 1Gandydancer

    @anon: Your point is?

    Like O.J.Simpson, Clinton was not convicted.