Posted on June 29, 2011

The Start of a Long, Hot Summer?

Henry Wolff, American Renaissance, June 29, 2011

Last year, Alternative Right editor Richard Spencer wrote about an emerging pattern in black crime which he referred to as “Race Riots 2.0.” He noted that blacks no longer seemed content to riot in their own neighborhoods as they did during the Los Angeles Riots of 1992, but were bent on giving whites a direct taste of diversity.

Mr. Spencer was prescient. This spring has seen many reports of mass “teen” robberies, roving mobs of “youths,” and chaotic “urban” uprisings. Young blacks often organize with the help of social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The resulting groups are not only raiding department stores for sneakers, they are disrupting family vacations, attacking passersby, and straining the ability of many major cities to maintain order.

Just the past two months have seen “youth” activities in the following settings:

Vacation destinations

Families hoping to spend a pleasant day at the beach or an amusement park got more excitement than they had hoped for as bands of blacks raided popular destinations and intimated their guests. (Memorial Day weekend was particularly chaotic, as detailed here by Jim Goad.)

·  At Long Beach, New York, “a beach melee involving hundreds of people” broke out just before the beach closed around 6:00 p.m. It took police three hours to gain control of the situation.

·  At the lakefront in Chicago, authorities had to close the beach on Memorial Day, citing “hot weather” (even though the temperature only reached 88 degrees that day). WLS Radio told a different story, referring to listeners’ complaints of a “large gangbanger element” and of young blacks pushing people off their bikes. Amy Schwartz, a witness of the chaos, said she saw a woman being beaten by a gang, and reported people “being rude and abusive and throwing trash around and defecating.” She called 911 and told authorities “there’s nothing but animals covering this beach today.”

·  At Carson Beach in Boston, “more than 1,000 youths . . . used social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to plan unruly gatherings on the beach on three of the past four nights,” according to the Boston Globe. “Fights broke out among rival gang members . . . triggering a massive law enforcement response from at least five agencies to stem the violence.” The paper noted that police measures “resembled crowd-control tactics reserved for major sporting victories.”

·  At the Alabama Adventure Theme Park in Bessemer, a witness described chaos on the scale of a “borderline riot,” with many fights breaking out and guests leaving as sheriff’s deputies and ambulances made their way in. A YouTube video from the park that day shows what was happening.

·  In Decatur, Alabama, Point Mallard Water Park was forced to shut down early due to a series of fights that police said mostly involved girls.

·  At Nashville’s Wave Country, nearly two dozen police had to be brought in to quell disturbances before the park finally closed two hours early. One visitor complained that “hundreds of people were just jumping over the fence. Almost trampled my kids. I just didn’t feel safe.”

·  In Cleveland, the Coventry Street Arts Fair was plagued by “a crowd of unruly teenagers” who, according to witnesses, were “starting fights, screaming and throwing punches in the crowded streets.” Though the media did not mention race, various Tweets reveal what everyone suspected.

Explicitly-black events

Blacks who enjoy attending large gatherings with other blacks have had a disappointing start to the summer, as many events that are geared to them have gone wrong. In some cases, the authorities have begun to wonder whether such events should even be held in the future, and some municipalities have taken preventative measures to keep them from happening in the first place.

·  At Myrtle Beach, “Black Bike Week” (euphemistically referred to as the “Atlanta Beach Bikefest” in this article) was marred by crime. During an 8-hour period, police received reports of “five armed robberies, a stabbing, a shooting and an incident involving a shotgun being pointed at a security guard.” This article was frank about the color of crime during Black Bike Week. None of this stopped the NAACP from suing businesses that closed during the weekend or otherwise tried to avoid the crime wave.

·  At Miami Beach, similar trouble broke out during “Urban Beach Week,” when three police officers and four bystanders were shot in a firefight that resulted in the death of a gunman. When bullets were not flying, “stripping and dancing in the perpetually congested traffic was . . . frequent” and “women stuck in traffic simply climbed on top of their cars and gyrated for onlookers.” Homosexual Hispanic activist Herb Sosa said the city was “nothing short of a warzone” and called for an end to “Urban Beach Week.” Many city leaders were echoing his call.

·  In Washington, D.C. this past weekend, the 19th annual “Caribbean Carnival” went awry after one man was shot fatally and three others were wounded. There was a stabbing just a few blocks away. At nearby Howard University, a massive brawl broke out, apparently between students of the historically black university.

Cynics are beginning to wonder if a large-scale black gathering can actually be put on without violence. At last year’s Indiana Black Expo in Indianapolis, ten young black men were shot. For this year’s “celebration,” to be held from July 7 through 17, vast preventative measures are being taken, including some 500 patrolling police officers who will enforce a curfew for underage participants. A detailed “Action Plan” has also been created and is designed to prevent the violence of past years.

Group attacks

The summer months bring free time, which some blacks choose to spend attacking random (often white) victims.

·  In Columbia, SC, eight black teens attacked 18-year-old Carter Strange as he was jogging home from a friend’s house, and beat him so badly his mother barely recognized him. Mr. Strange has a cracked skull and hemorrhaging that required surgery. He also needed facial reconstruction surgery to repair his broken nose and the broken bones around his eyes.

·  In Chicago, a “group of about 15 to 20 youths” carried out a string of random muggings, first attacking a 68-year-old man smoking a cigar on a bench, then knocking a 34-year-old man to the ground and beating him. The same group beat a 42-year-old man from Japan and stole his iPod.

·  Elsewhere in Chicago, in two separate incidents, some 15 young blacks boarded Transit Authority buses and attacked and robbed passengers. A student who was hit on the back of the head with a bottle had to be taken for help in an ambulance.

·  In Philadelphia this past weekend, an editor for the Onion and a group of her friends were assaulted by a “large group of teens.” She was hospitalized for a broken leg, and two of her friends sought treatment for facial injuries. Police report that she was “jumped” by some 30 to 40 young men who punched and kicked her repeatedly.

·  In St. Louis, black teenagers have taken up a game they call “Knockout King,” which involves sucker-punching strangers. “Jason,” who plays the game, says the boys walk to where a lot of people be at and hit ’em. If one of the homeboys didn’t knock him out, then the other would come. Whoever knock him out would be king.” Eight of the ten victims interviewed in the article linked to above were white.

The Internet and cell phones have made it easy for blacks to gather suddenly for dubious purposes. Many have started gathering in largely white areas, and this has attracted attention. As one Chicago journalist put it after a bout of “flash mob” attacks, If this kind of violent behavior had occurred in a predominantly black neighborhood, it wouldn’t have even made the nightly news.” Perhaps. Many “mainstream” news organizations still do not cover these incidents.

When they do report on mob violence, many news sources mask the race of the perpetrators (for example, referring to “Black Bike Week” as “Atlanta Beach Bikefest”), and many readers and commenters are angry about it. A number of newspapers received so much criticism for failing to mention race that they felt compelled to justify themselves (see here, here, here, and here). 

When the Drudge Report highlighted some of this summer’s incidents, Salon writer Alex Pareene accused Matt Drudge of running a “race war awareness campaign”–even though Mr. Drudge mentioned race only once.

These incidents are different from traditional “race riots.” The mass violence of the 1960s through the 1990s was usually in response to specific events; most commonly a police shooting. Blacks then rioted in their own neighborhoods.

So far, the current rash of violence is less destructive. Mobs have not taken to burning down buildings and cleaning out whole blocks of stores, as they did during the worst incidents in the past. But there is a unnerving quality to “flash mobs” that gather on a whim–often on what seems to be an anti-white whim. Some incidents seem to be deliberate attempts to jolt whites in precisely those parts of town where blacks are seldom seen, and where whites usually gather with no fear of crime. Where this anti-white animus will lead is anyone’s guess.

Our rulers continue to pretend that rampaging “youths” can be of any race, so mainstream journalists insist that race is not relevant to their stories. Readers know better, and demand the facts. Either news sources will have to start censoring or ignoring their commenters–and lose what little credibility they have left–or write the truth.

49 responses to “The Start of a Long, Hot Summer?”

  1. slipping into darkness, faster now, horrors! says:

    If the trend continues, which is helpful to us in a general sort of consciousness raising way, we can expect:

    Eventual TV news coverage of the racially motivated violence

    A slimy politician, or activist, or Episcopal priestess with short hair will start talking about it and drawing attention to it and himself, then call for hearings (a trick)

    Our enemies will be given prime time to spout all the Kerner Commission report rhetoric about “White racism is essentially responsible for the explosive mixture which has been accumulating in our cities since the end of World War”

    O’bama will fund a new commission to study the problem of persistent and racist White privilege

    Recommendations will include putting a White privilege tax on your retirement fund to help pay for more social justice programs to root out the lurking, hostile, and dangerously anti-community White racism

    You will suffer, which is just the normal trend since the 1946 fair housing edict in Texas, which means all is well, all is normal, all is according to plan, and you can shut up and go back to worshipping Afro-Zul MLK Messiah. And if you don’t vote for Obama, you’re a racist and will be taxed extra.

  2. Dutchman says:

    It is useful to have this all in one article. I have been keeping up on these ‘flash mobs’ by visiting various sites, Amren included. Right now I have to use public transportation and of course the riders are mostly blacks, Hispanics, and foreign students. The only altercations I’ve seen so far is between a particularly belligerent black woman (a school teacher no less!) and a couple of men on two different occasions. I don’t carry or flash any devices while on the bus, but I do take my laptop with me to a book store on Saturdays. But then again, I get there at 9:00 AM so I suppose the gangstas’ are not out of bed yet.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Either news sources will have to start censoring or ignoring their commenters—and lose what little credibility they have left—or write the truth.

    Newspaper subscriptions (and credibility) have fallen dramatically in recent years, yet ain’t a damn thing changed. Those who own the papers will continue to insist that their anti-founding stock white agenda be pushed, no many how many employees they have to lay off due to decreasing sales. This is one area where ideology trumps economics.

  4. John Engelman says:

    The civil rights legislation of the 1960s was possible because the standard of living for most whites had been growing since the end of the Second World War, and to a lesser extent, since the inauguration of Franklin Roosevelt in 1933. This placed most whites in a generous mood. The standard of living for most whites has declined since Bill Clinton left office. Consequently, we are in a bad mood.

    White liberals and white radicals tended to forgive the black ghetto riots that happened from 1964 to 1968 because they were primarily concerned with the War in Vietnam. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have not generated the opposition that was directed against that earlier conflict.

    If “Race Riots 2.0” are seen to characterize the behavior of young blacks, those blacks will confront a much more punitive white majority, and they will have few if any allies among white progressives.

  5. Tim in Indiana says:

    A great compilation and distillation of the events that have been transpiring in recent weeks. And the summer has just begun!

    Young blacks often organize with the help of social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook

    Isn’t it funny how often blacks use our most modern white technology for planning out riots? This is interesting in other respects too. The old explanation for the lack of black computer programmers, for example, was that they “lacked access to technology.” That has been exposed as the total canard it is.

    The new explanation is that they lack positive role models,” but that rationalization has also been disproved. After all, the wonderful role model of Obama as president has failed miserably to put a damper on black violence. In fact, if anything, it’s made it worse.

  6. Robert Binion says:

    Analysts were puzzled by continued decline in the consumer-confidence index in June. “I don’t know. It’s like people are afraid to come down for my fried green tomatoes when there is a good chance they’ll get their brains kicked in,” said Herb Krchz, owner of Krchz’s Diner.

    What is it like to rise one morning and discover that everything you have ever believed is a lie? Newsmen know. Media silence validates racial realism. I see the pious falter and rejoice.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Criminals can be of any age, but the media still mentions the age of the perpetrator.

    Criminals can be male or female, but the media will still mention the gender of the perpetrator.

    But when it comes to the race of a criminal, we are told that criminals can be of any race, therefore, race is irrelevant. That’s a non sequitur. The media should just report the facts as best they can without the pc filters.

  8. Anonymous says:

    When a black guy killed a judge in Atlanta and was on the loose, the media described the person as a “person of dark complexion.”

    The media has no credibility.

  9. Wayne Engle says:

    The list of early-summer disturbances here is appalling. What has happened to this country? The way the mainstream media conducted its (carefully limited) coverage of them is equally disturbing.

    The follow-up excuses published by the various newspapers and linked to in this article show that the who-what-when-where-why is less important to modern editors than, “For God’s sake, don’t let the readers know the perps were black!” Why isn’t race pertinent to a story? Or rather, when does it become “pertinent”? Is it not pertinent if a gang of black teens beats up and robs a couple of White pedestrians? How about if they kill one or both of those unfortunate people?

    I guess the story the other day about blacks rampaging down the street yelling, “Kill the White people!” left the press no choice but to, reluctantly, identify the trouble-makers by race. The comments posted, sometimes in the hundreds, at the ends of these see-nothing, hear-nothing stories, indicate how fed up and angry the average White reader is getting with this squeamishness about calling a spade a spade.

  10. RestoretheRepublic says:

    A reading of the history of the Mau Mau would be in order now. These are practice runs for a much bigger plan.

  11. cincinnaticalling says:

    Some ideas on how to “Hate crime” charges brought about when Whites are being attacked? Why is it that Whites are the only race of people on this earth that can’t get the same protections afforded to every other people when in fact most of the real “Hate crimes”, Whites are the victims of this race hate?? Does ANYONE have any ideas?

  12. sam d says:

    Is it me or am I seeing MUCH more white outrage on many forums on the internet lately?

    The news forums are finally allowing racial comments by whites or whites are just now beginning to wise up about the black on white crime problem.

    In any event, the outrage is building. If these attacks keep up, we’re going to have the white “awareness” we’ve always wanted.

  13. Anonymous says:

    In the spirit of ‘Paul Kersey’ of website

    who has coined several acronyms and phrases pertaining to America’s black problem I think of this time as BLACK MOB SUMMER or BMS for short.

    BTW when I first noticed that Paul put his name on his website and books I thought how either brave or foolish that was. Then I saw a string of the old DEATH WISH movies on TV and realized that the protagonist played by Charles Bronson is named Paul Kersey.

    Paul was predicting BMS (without that exact name) months ago. It does look to be quite a news and political phenomenon which is quite positive for the race realist camp. It will be a significant factor in Obama losing 2012. Already the 2010 election show a dramatic decline in white (especially working class – and they are the ones least able to avoid BMS) support for Obama. Also this phenomenon is adding to the long-term discrediting of the (Obama-supporting) liberal dinosaur media. And it is stimulating the growth of the realization of whites that they have a group interest and that the PC MC bilge of diversity-worship we have endured for decades is nonsense.

    I wish this had happened because of thoughtful people pondering and learning from the magnificent work of Jared Taylor rather than from blood flowing in the streets (and on the beach) but Amren can’t compete with Drudge for attracting eyeballs.

    People are coming to realize that BMS not only makes them less safe personally but threatens community life on a large scale and that threatens retail business, already suffering, and is destroying the viability of festivals, street fairs and the like. Mass attractions like amusement parks and water parks and even urban beaches are threatened. Public life, broadly speaking, is eroding because of BMS-type behavior.

    People are waking up to all these things.

  14. Anonymous says:

    “Youths” is a code word for blacks by the MSN.

    The rash of black racial bigotry, manifested in violence, is indefensible. The media should identify it for what it is, and demand all races be protected. And of course some white guy will in a split second pre-emptively strike some black in a hostile situation only to be deemed a hater. Even though the white had “probable cause”. Of course the MSN should identify these attacks by racial identifiers, it is their civic duty to protect others by allowing them to know that groups of black youths are disproportionately dangerous and to be on guard if they can’t be avoided.

    And why doesn’t the MSN note the broad occurrences of black mob violence? Sociologists call this cognitive dissonance. The inability to acknowledge something contrary to one’s belief system. This is a highly unprofessional of course dangerous.

  15. olewhitelady says:

    Nearly every day now there are internet reports of at least one black rampage. Elitists are sometimes attacked, and the mobs are moving into upscale areas. It simply strains credibility to see newspapers and national TV continue to censor mention of the events or fail to describe the criminals’ race!

    Obama’s election has obviously emboldened many of these perps, and some may be reacting to his failure to hand the store over to “his people”. Unlike the riots of the 60’s, these actions are not in the ghettoes. These mobs are boarding public transport and purposely traveling into white areas. In the old days, the police would have reacted with swift, even brutal measures to deal with wilding blacks. Now, criminal blacks believe they have free rein. City streets and public parks are becoming like the “Indian territory” of the past, where any travel by whites was extremely dangerous.

    We are sinking into a new Dark Age.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The Minneapolis Star Tribune, under its former ownership, was the most politically correct wacko newspaper in the country. It refused to mention the name of sports teams with Indian nicknames; hence, you can read a 2000 word article about a game that doesn’t mention the visiting team by name “the Cleveland team,” “Cleveland,” etc. But under its new owners, it has started telling the truth about crime. You can usually find the race of the suspect in a Star Tribune story. But they still don’t allow commenting on crime stories.

  17. sbuffalonative says:

    To slipping into darkness:

    I agree.

    Black apologists are ready to assure us that the REAL threat of violence comes from ‘white supremeists’. Get ready for the articles reminding us of Emmett Till, James Bird JR., and Timothy McViegh.

  18. Istvan says:

    The average white person does not follow the news the way we do. One has to read sources from all over the country to find out just how common and vicious the attacks on whites have become over the last few years. The MSM does not want white America to know just how much danger it is in until it is too late. Rather like the Czar, kept in the dark until there was no saving him or Russia. If it isn’t on the 10:00 o’clock news or the front page of the local penny-saver Mr. and Mrs. America won’t know. They use the internet for amusement, not serious reading.

    Forget the “conservatives” on talk radio. They blather on and on about how gay marriage and the teacher’s unions will destroy western civilization. If I have to hear Governor Christie say just one more time that incompetent teachers are the reason Da’Quan can not read I will explode. Never a mention of the race war around us.

    I would venture to say that a higher percentage of the ethnic group that controls the broadcast and print media as well as Hollywood want us dead than do blacks. I really believe that. And like the Romanovs we will be clueless until just before the end comes.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I just read all the explanations for not reporting race in the news. I recommend others read them. They are perfect studies as to how the mind of someone who reports the news works.’

    I couldn’t help but think that black panthers could have a black power march which attacked whites and as long as they stole just one thing the newspaper would conclude that race was not a relevant factor and wouldn’t report it. The crime would be labeled as being motivated by theft. I personally hope a lot of these newspapers go out of business. There is no difference of opinion in the mass media anymore. The span of opinion in the MSM is a wide as visible light is in the electromagnetic spectrum, or in other words razor thin.

  20. C says:

    I was talking about flash mobs with a friend of mine, and this is what he said:

    “I don’t want trouble. If they begin to attack whites in my city, I’ll stay quiet. Unless, of course, they attack me.”

    And you know what? He’s right. If we speak up, we cause all kinds of problems for ourselves.

    So who’s gonna speak up?

  21. white advocate - Canada says:

    Much, and maybe most, of the enticement to violence derives from black conflict with Latinos. Whites are just a juicy, easy target and scapegoat. Try doing this in Latino districts. For most blacks, especially of the violent underclass, there is more daily contact with Latinos than with whites. We readers of AR know only too well how that is going. When the media ignore the race angle, not only are they misleading about who is comitting the violence and who is receiving it, but also falsely pointing guilt at whites. We have to find a way of forcing the media to stop this defamation of whites.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Such violence used to be an exclusively male affair. Now, one finds many minority females joining in the mayhem and bloodletting. Feminists and proponents of Title IX must be so proud.

  23. bannister says:

    In the second incident listed (Chicago) click on the link that says Amy Schwartz and watch the interview. You’ll notice that the camera shows all WHITE people as Schwartz describes what she saw. It gives the false impression that “all races” were involved, but we know the real score.

    By the way, thank you Amy Schwartz for having the courage to stand up and call them “animals” which is what they are. It takes guts to do that in front of the camera.

  24. bannister says:

    Fantastic reporting by Amren. I appreciate all the links, I clicked on each one and read lots of first hand commentary.

    Let’s hope the victims heal and eventually join us in taking back our civilization….

  25. eduard says:

    Ilana Mercer has written a book called Into the Cannibal’s Pot – Lessons for America from post apartheid South Africa. A definite read for Americans, especially the breeding heart liberal ones. For interesting articles regarding the situation in mad Mandela’s new third world South Africa visit

  26. ArchieBunker says:

    We were warned by the segregationists of decades past that this would happen. It is only going to get worse. wait until whites are a minority. Black Americans are de- evolving. They realize they no longer have excuses to blame for their behavior. The election of a black president was their worst nightmare because they finally got what they wanted and it doesn’t change a thing. Avoid any gatherings of blacks and learn how to defend yourselves. When the govt. goes bankrupt these people will be on the streets like a zombie movie looking for whitey.

  27. anonymous says:

    Don’t forget the recent melee in downtown San Jose, CA following a free music event. Apparently, some large number of black attendees hung around for hours even though none lived within many miles the site.

    Eventually, a fight broke out between Hispanics and blacks. The media suggested a possible gang motive. More likely, some seriously inappropriate behavior was met with some resistance.

  28. Richard Spencer says:

    Thanks for crediting my essay from last summer.

    What I find interesting about this social phenomenon is that, overall, crime has been declining over the past 20 years, mostly due to the incarceration of large numbers of individuals. Indeed, the U.S. has the largest imprisoned population in the world!

    A “social contract,” of sorts, has arisen in which Whites put up with a lot of “diversity” and Black empowerment, so long as the government locks up all the really bad people.

    My sense is that with all these spectacular, racially motivated, and sadistic beatings, the arrangement is beginning to break down.

    You can read my piece here:

  29. Shun says:

    I am not cynical, but large-scale black gatherings will not happen without violence, and what more, they are likely to become very much more violent, as they become more isolated from other races. They are then not distracted by wandering candies wearing gadgets, that may make them look interesting. Murder by riots will be their special kind of population control. Therefore they must be left alone.

  30. cliff yablonski says:

    If any one of the events listed in the article had been white perpetrators against black victims it would have recieved national news coverage for a month, and the nation would be consumed with black outrage.

    Where is the white outrage?

  31. Anonymous says:

    The diabolical insideous evil of it all is clearly to blame whites or throw them in the big mix since even though they allege they is no such thing as “race” and everyone is the of the same “human race” they use “race” to get them everything they desire in order to destroy the caucasoid European Americans.

    Who owns the MEDIA? Thats all you need to ask. Apparently whites are just suppose to assume that AMREN assumes that the media owners are who they are and do what they do in order to destroy those of white man religion.

  32. voiceofstl says:

    Peoria has become famous as a representation of the average American city because of its demographics and its perceived mainstream Midwestern culture. On the Vaudeville circuit, it was said that if an act would succeed in Peoria, it would work anywhere. The question “Will it play in Peoria?” has now become a metaphor for whether something appeals to the American mainstream public.

    “Kill the white people”

    Yes I guess it is everytown’ .

  33. Jupiter7 says:

    What this shows-beyond a shadow of doubt-is that if and when Native Born White Americans become a racial minority within the borders of “America”, they will be violently persecuted..and not just by black youths. Racial minority status for Native Born White Americans means that Native Born White Americans will have put their fate in the hands of a rapidly expanding and heavily armed-after all, nonwhites will be the majority in the “US” military-hostile post-1965 nonwhite population. This would be suicide. Native Born White American Patriots must put it in these terms when they speak to their fellow Native Born White Americans on MSM outlets.

    Native Born White Americans are under no obligation to commit racial suicide within the borders of America because non-whites demand it.

  34. The Bobster says:

    The media are now using a black police captain to launch a preemptive strike against Whites who are even thinking about fighting back against yoofs:

    Cops Fear Violence Against Flash Mobs

    UPPER DARBY, Pa. – As police in Upper Darby, Pa., search for more young people involved in last week’s flash mob, more adults are thinking about arming themselves with guns.

    People are talking about how afraid they are of being caught in the path one of these flash mobs while they’re out minding their own business, and they want to be ready.

    Law enforcement officials say it’s a nightmare in the making because ordinary, private citizens are getting gun permits.

    “We have people now that are fearful and carrying guns because of children. How sad is that?” Upper Darby police Captain George Rhoades said.

    Rhoades says with that many people “carrying” and the violent actions of these flash mobs, the worst is bound to happen.

    “Now we have this mentality, ‘I’m not going to retreat. I’m not going to call 9-1-1. I’m going to be a vigilante and take care of the problem myself,'” he said.

    That means flash mob children could be dead, and the would-be victims may have the right, but Rhoades is appealing to everybody to think twice.

  35. john says:

    Gosh, could it be that apartheid had some basis in the realities of living with a black majority and that the status of blacks in the Old South was equally based on first-hand experience and observation of black behavior and intellect?

    There’s not a single instance, anywhere, of successful black governance, of successful black economic progress, of black technological advances. Individual blacks, certainly, have stood out in many respects, but the generalization regarding black failure in a modern world remains valid and will become more-so in the future. As a group they simply can’t compete. I wish it weren’t so, but, tragically, that’s the way it is. It’s the most intractable problem facing any society with large numbers of black within its population.

  36. Tom in Illinois says:

    As for black on white crime, or black riots…

    Is it just me, or is FOX News winning the news rating war because they are not afraid of describing race in crimes? When CNN is on, no black crime. Remember the black who killed nearly ten whites in that beer factory? CNN wasn’t to loud on that one, unlike FoxNews.

    But FOX News is the only news company that I even hear about black on white crimes. Not sure if anyone has noticed this or not but I sure have.

    Just like Glenn Beck, he himself has way more “likes” than CNN on facebook, and CNN is Everyone in that media. Does this tell us something?

  37. Anonymous says:

    #19 I just read all the explanations for not reporting race in the news. I recommend others read them. They are perfect studies as to how the mind of someone who reports the news works.

    I read the explanations as well. As #7 stated, the same argument could be used not to mention age or gender, yet somehow those things are considered “relevant”.

    I also observe that the same news reporters find ways to identify whites as whites, whenever it suits them (with photos, for example).

    What makes race relevant is the agglomeration of such stories, which makes it a social trend that requires reporting. I would wager that 99% of any attacks by gangs on vulnerable individuals, and 99% of wild rampages, are by blacks. This is newsworthy.

    Fortunately, readers now know to supply the missing race.

  38. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    Our rulers continue to pretend that rampaging “youths” can be of any race, so mainstream journalists insist that race is not relevant to their stories.

    That statement should read:

    Our rulers continue to pretend that rampaging “youths” can be of any race, AND mainstream journalists insist that race is not relevant to their stories.

    The government and media work in tandem, as in governmedia — you can toss in academia as well.

    Our rulers want YOU to believe the lie that rampaging blacks can be of any race– rulers who live far from the melees, have ARMED body guards and private security companies with “armed response” as part of their logo, to guard them and their loved ones, AND, like Sen. Diane Feinstein in California, have CCW permits (while blocking YOUR right to defend yourself).

    I also suspect “our rulers” are busy off-shoring their wealth (and keeping the private jet on notice for a quick escape if/when it becomes necessary).

    Readers know better, and demand the facts. Either news sources will have to start censoring or ignoring their commenters—and lose what little credibility they have left—or write the truth.

    The msm has NO credibility and should be looked upon with utter distain and as a mortal enemy to Native Born White Americans.

    A ‘disinterested’ media would be warning Whites about violent blacks — calling for Whites to arm themselves with deadly force against black violence– and forcefully demand that the government DO something to protect White lives and put an immediate end to black riots and violence against Whites.

    Fight back by canceling your subscription if you believe your local newspaper does not reflect your views, panders to non-Whites at White expense, champions lefty tax-hungry pols, or makes excuses for black/brown failures.

    Do it today and don’t look back — you can access the crossword puzzle or jumble on-line.


  39. Vick says:

    Three points:

    1) Documenting and cataloging all this violence is important. When it’s all assembled in one place, you can start to see the pattern and begin to tell the story that’s larger than any one incident.

    2) I think it’s likely these attacks will get worse. Sadly, I also think it’s likely that a white person will be killed, maybe several. When that happens we must put the feet of our authorities to the fire to demand justice. The outrage must be loud and vocal, both so that the victims receive justice and so that our fellow whites will start to hear about what’s going on. It’s sad but true that black on white violence is one of the main ways that white people wake up into racial awareness.

    3) A lot of these attacks get brushed off as “random violence” or motivated by robbery, and even though whites are often predominantly the victims, no hate crime charges are issued. It’s very frustrating.

    I think we all know there’s a racial component to the incidents. Blacks might not use a racial epithet when they’re beating a white person half to death, but we all know their victim was chosen because of their skin color and that part of the reason blacks commit these assaults is to terrorize the white communities in the area, sending the message that “blacks rule the street.”

    More should be done to get at the heart of these attacks and ferret out the racist element, and get hate crime charges going against the perpetrators. We should demand that law enforcement start combing through the facebook, myspace, tweets, cell phone texts, voice mails etc. and make note of every single racist epithet logged there in order to build hate crime cases.

    We know the SPLC would be doing the same thing and leaving no stone uncovered if the racial roles were reversed. Since the SPLC obviously doesn’t care about white people, we should demand law enforcement show the same concern and attention to detail for white victims in investigating these possible hate crimes.

  40. Y.D.D.A. (planet of the A) says:

    Atlanta’s black ruled government offers today’s long hot summer lesson in the dangers of black ruled government-

    Black jailers arrested for selling drugs! Who put blacks in charge of the jail? What could possibly go wrong? If you worked at the jail, wouldn’t you sell drugs? Isn’t that how you would spend your long hot summer?

    Raid on Fulton jail yields more arrests

    Four jail workers, 4 others accused of conspiring to distribute cocaine.

  41. Question Diversity says:

    34 Bobster:

    There’s an object lesson in that article. Capt. Rhoades probably leads a decent moral life in private and probably the same in public. (I’ll say that, then we’ll soon find out that the FBI is investigating him for something. For the meantime, presume he’s straight as an arrow). So much so that all that, combined with the proper skin color, gets him into a leadership position in this city’s PD. Since he’s a cop, his duty is to enforce the city’s laws, the state’s laws, and (for the most part) the Federal government’s laws.

    Yet, when the rubber hits the road, he is opposed to white people using their legal rights to self defense against wild gangs of black thugs for one reason and one reason only: Because he is also black.

    The object lesson? A black is a black is a black is a black is a black.

    Keep that in mind, those of you who might harbor sympathies for Allen West and Herman Cain. Make any one of them President, or give the former any measure of power in Congress other than being a regular Congressman, and they’ll do just like this Capt. Rhoades did.

    As an aside, Pennsylvania’s Governor just signed a bunch of doctrine making self-defense easier, the “Castle Doctrine” bill.

  42. Anonymous says:

    34 — The Bobster wrote at 11:07 AM on June 30:

    “The media are now using a black police captain to launch a preemptive strike against Whites who are even thinking about fighting back against yoofs:

    Thanks Bobster! Everybody, check his link!

    First, they trade the beating incidents for that flash mob that robbed Sears. Then, they act like some white person is going to shoot them down for that! “It’s just kids,” the reporter says. And the police chief acts like a 911 call will stop a beat down! The one hopeful thing is that the alert they made may slow down the flash mobs. But nothing will change the shape of things to come.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I agree #39, a news piece by Fox or ABC reporter that exposes the racial motivations as you say on Twitter, could make someone’s career. Of course I have felt for 20 years there should have been a serious documentary that strings together all the black violence in Pro Sports, various riots, You Tube beatdowns, etc…you know the way they still show black and white footage of whites in robes.

  44. Anonymous says:

    #43: Whites are usually governed by facts; blacks are governed by emotions.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Here’s my fearless prediction-There will be a riot in Venice Beach, California sometime over the 4th of July weekend. Weather forecast is looking warm and these ‘youths’ just want to give everyone a taste of diversity.

  46. Anonymous says:

    “blacks no longer seemed content to riot in their own neighborhoods as they did during the Los Angeles Riots of 1992. . . mass violence of the 1960s through the 1990s was usually in response to specific events; most commonly a police shooting. Blacks then rioted in their own neighborhoods”.

    Where is the authors proof of this besides his assertion? Is the author 60 years old and did he happen to be there at all disparate events across various distances and times? Or is the author simply parroting the mainstream media (and other responsible ‘news coverage’ of these events?

  47. diversity=adversity says:

    “When the Drudge Report highlighted some of this summer’s incidents, Salon writer Alex Pareene accused Matt Drudge of running a “race war awareness campaign”—even though Mr. Drudge mentioned race only once.”

    Alex Pareene does not want Whites to be aware of the race war currently being waged by blacks, on Whites.

  48. Anonymous says:

    White people must start up a NAACP style law firm in their interests.

    White people must stop waiting for the media and mainstream racist institutions to stand up for them. It is time white people started bringing law suits.

    Also, white people must use the language of the society in their own defence. Make the society live by its own rhetoric.

    So, start calling the racist media out. Do not call it anti white. Just call it racist.

  49. ATBOTL says:

    This stuff has been going on continually since the 1960’s. Remember we had anti-white riots in Cincinnati and Seattle around 2000 in which many whites were attacked and one was killed. Crowds of blacks beating whites on the street happens all the time. People are just noticing it more now due the internet.