Posted on June 20, 2023

Verified Hate: Traditional Juneteenth Celebrations Edition

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 20, 2023

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I hope you all had a blessed and joyful Juneteenth National Independence Day. It’s worth remembering that is the official name of the day. One is tempted to ask what “independence” is being celebrated, given that blacks are fiercely resistant to being cut off from whites permanently subsidizing their strange lifestyles.

I also hope you were not caught up in the traditional celebrations. You may ask what is “traditional” about this recent holiday (supported by every single Republican senator). It appears to be mass shootings.

In Asheville, North Carolina, celebrations were canceled after a shooting on the first day. (Police arrested an underage suspect, so no picture is available.) There was also a shooting in Milwaukee, caught on camera.

In Illinois, one man was killed and 22 were injured. Police arrested a suspect and the dead man’s family is suing the property owner where the Juneteenth celebration took place. They blame the property owner for not doing enough to secure the crowd. The White House said that “this type of gun violence needs to stop.” There was also a Juneteenth shooting in San Diego.

At least there were no reports of ambulances being delayed by twerking blacks like there was in Oakland 2021.

At least not yet.

Such festive celebrations set the tone for social media, where Republican support for Juneteenth (and President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation) did little to encourage patriotic feeling among blacks. Many suggested that Juneteenth is just a stepping-stone to further concessions.

Naturally, National Review is concerned about the crazy progressives politicizing our sacred holiday of Juneteenth. In a column entitled “Defiling Juneteenth,” Noah Rothman accused the Daily Beast’s Kali Holloway of a “transparent effort to launder partisan political narratives and appropriate for herself the gravity of a day devoted to solemn reflections on the abolition of slavery,” something “more exploitative of our shared heritage than anything the Republicans she set out to condemn have done.” Miss Holloway had accused the GOP of being the “neo-Confederate party.” (If only.)

The Daily Wire’s Tim Meads bemoaned that “whatever Juneteenth once stood for as a state holiday is dead and gone.” What else could it ever have stood for?

Another right-of-center writer defends the holiday for marking when we started “living up to our founding creed.”

If so, we need to rethink “our founding creed.” It’s not what the Founders themselves believed.

The day becoming another ceremonial airing of grievances by our subsidized underclass against their benefactors was the most natural progression in the world. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is little different. This didn’t stop tiresome claims that the day is really about heroic Republicans fighting against racist Democrats. Few are convinced by this except white conservatives.

It’s also just another day for bloodlust against white Southerners, a hate far more consuming than Union soldiers themselves possessed.

Professor Marc Lamont Hill’s tweet perhaps best sums up the day in his response to Candace Owens.

Juneteenth is and was always supposed to be a replacement for July 4. It’s an independence day for a new nation, separate from the old America, which is probably dead anyway. The American flag is hardly important to the federal government anyway compared to anti-white intersectional flag. We saw that with the Potomac Regime’s “pride” celebrations. It’s a strange country where you are supposed to be ashamed of your ancestors, but fiercely proud of sexual fetishes.

The intersectional flag, seemingly just to be anti-white, has black and brown stripes. Victimhood is status in post-America, so this attempt to forge a united Coalition of the Oppressed also featured whiners muscling in on Juneteenth. Tariq Nasheed of “Buck Breaking” fame was not happy.

Hey, we don’t make the rules.

Hollywood’s line on race has been awful for decades. However, now the Oscars will be just another affirmative action award, with a racial quota or a focus on an “underrepresented group” now a requirement. The Godfather, for example, could never win now.

Still, the new rules should appease those who are infuriated by seeing white people on screen doing, well, anything.

CNN ran a story on Father’s Day lecturing America about stereotypes of nonexistent black fathers. Unfortunately for CNN’s journalists, Community Notes came in hot with some straight facts.

He hasn’t given Jared Taylor his account back but give Elon Musk credit for Community Notes.

In once Great Britain, a migrant with a violent history killed three people. However, don’t expect change. Instead, in another traditional ritual, one of the victim’s mothers urged the entirely white crowd not to give in to “hate.”

When non-whites kill whites, it’s a simple, random tragedy, like an earthquake or hurricane. (Well, not a hurricane, because those can be blamed on climate change.) When there is a vanishingly rare case of whites killing blacks, it’s the basis of a new national holiday and an entry in the British peerage. Somehow, I don’t think any of the victims’ mothers in this case will be made baronesses, unlike the mother of the late Stephen Lawrence.

Of course, whether the English people even exist is now questionable. “Anglo-Saxons” are apparently an invention and the English have no indigenous homeland.

One wonders whether the man with the Ukrainian flag in his username thinks Ukrainians are indigenous to their homeland, or if it is just the English who are homeless. Perhaps the Ukrainians are justified in fighting against Russia, but have no right to keep out anyone else.

Crime is high in Minneapolis, but the Department of Justice is concerned about “racism.” Not surprisingly, its investigation into the police department found a pattern of excessive force and racial discrimination. Other facts received less media coverage.

Still, if blacks’ feelings will always be preeminent in our national dialogue, there will always be a need to discuss racism and discrimination.

And don’t look for conservatives to make a difference when they are either too ignorant or too cowardly to honestly confront the truth about race. For example, here’s National Review’s Dan McLaughlin showing what we’ve come to expect from America’s leading voice of controlled opposition.

The reality is that this is what our people face.

An uncertain trumpet will not suffice to wake our people around the world from their slumber.