Posted on December 27, 2021

Six YouTube Channels Worth Your Time

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, December 27, 2021

Every year, YouTube censors more and more.  It may soon become a wasteland of mainstream news clips, beauty tips, and video-game streaming. But for now, it still has some valuable content. Here are six channels I recommend.


This is an archive of speeches, interviews, and debates on human biodiversity. It even includesa few old American Renaissance conference talks. Here’s Sam Francis in 2004:


This is the video wing of, it showcases the opinions of a variety of heterodox thinkers. Here’s an interview with the black anti-woke intellectual John McWhorter:

Michael Sugrue

Prof. Sugrue is an expert in Western philosophy and has dozens of lectures summarizing the views of everyone from Plato to the Frankfurt School. Each video is a reminder of the intellectual titans who came before us. Here he discusses the Stoics:

Philosophies for Life

This channel introduces philosophers and explains how their views can improve own life. Here’s one on Friedrich Nietzsche:

Fan of AmRen Podcasts

For those of you who like listening to podcasts on YouTube, this channel has both Radio Renaissance and Left, Right, and White. I suspect it will be deleted soon, so enjoy it while you can.

AmRen Videos Fan

This channel is much like the one above, but it republishes our videos, not our podcasts.