Posted on July 18, 2021


Reb Kittredge, American Renaissance, July 18, 2021

It’s okay to take pride in something
you didn’t make, or do.

Like a gift.

Say, the gold
signet ring

my parents gave me.

Or Mother’s
hazel eyes,

my father’s gift
for math.

And all things bequeathed.

Say, the Parthenon,
Gulliver’s Travels, walks

on the moon.

A gift should express both giver
and recipient.

I don’t like rap music
so you won’t

get that from me.
You can feel shame for the deeds

of your forebears.
That great-great-someone

who ran the slave auction block
or viperous

Caligula.  Not guilt—
the evildoer lives under

that moldy blanket

But no one can force me
to bear shame


take no pride in
my heritage—

that’s a unicorn:
also a gift.