Posted on June 15, 2021

Verified Hate: Flag Day Edition

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 15, 2021

American Flag

Monday was Flag Day. Unfortunately, America’s flag no longer represents European-Americans. Still, I can’t help feeling nostalgic. I want to protect and celebrate the Stars and Stripes.

Many of those who get preferential treatment from the government have simpler feelings.

New York Times Editorial Board member Mara Gay said it was “disturbing” to see people flying the flag because it supposedly sent the message that whites “own this [the country].” It’s more correct to say that whites built America but no longer own it.

I doubt people who put up the flag had racial intentions. Miss Gay is pretending to read minds. Data show most non-whites see everything through a racial lens. Her comments tell us more about her than those she’s criticizing.

Some agreed with Miss Gay.

Don’t laugh. I could see Reparations Day becoming a holiday. “Juneteenth” has already caught up with Flag Day.

Are these the colors of the Globalist American Empire’s true flag?

If anything, the rainbow flag is too exclusionary. It doesn’t include blacks, “brown people,” and various exotic sexual minorities. This was the design many started using last year.

This makes it the flag of everyone but heterosexual whites and Asians. I assume Asians will be added soon. What will the “pride” flag look like next year?

I don’t think podcaster Jared Yates Sexton is referring to antifa.

One of the problems for those who make “anti-racist” propaganda is that they can’t make “white saviors” the heroes, because that can lead to people calling “anti-racist” projects just another example of racism. This is important. It shows whites that no matter how hard they try, they will never be “anti-racist” enough.

There are many whites who want to be victims, or “anything but white.” But because being a victim is lucrative, many non-whites don’t want whites horning in.

And whites must never be spared reminders of how evil their race has been and still is.

Birds have a racist legacy.

There was a mass shooting in Austin. Douglas John Kantor, a white man, died. Police arrested one suspect; the other remains at large. We aren’t hearing who the person arrested was because he’s a “juvenile.” The Austin-American Statesman initially wouldn’t include a description of a suspect because it “could be harmful in perpetuating stereotypes.” I guess that’s another way of saying he’s black.

Finally, a reminder that progressives live in a world of delusion.

They must have missed the billions corporate America gave to Black Lives Matter last year.

We get by with much less. We’re grateful for every dollar (and Bitcoin). With your support, we will win.