Posted on May 12, 2021

Verified Hate: KFC Edition

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, May 12, 2021

It’s a fact of life that if you say certain things you get in trouble, even if there’s no good reason. Take this tweet – since deleted – from Spain’s KFC Twitter account.

Why is this wrong? Does KFC not want to attract blacks? Do blacks not like fried chicken? Would the ad be racist if it were a white player? Wouldn’t it be racist if KFC deliberately tried not to appeal to blacks?

Figuring out exactly why something is racist or not can be hard. The Biden Administration wants to ban menthol cigarettes partly because “communities of color” smoke them. Blacks who smoke menthols won’t like the ban. But —

  • Is it racist to assume blacks have no self-control?
  • Is it racist against whites to worry more about blacks dying from lung cancer?

I’d like to hear answers, but I don’t think there are any. A multiracial society can’t rationally discuss policies. Instead, different groups jostle for “victim” status and the power it brings. Whether something is actually “racist” isn’t the point, because “racism’s” meaning constantly changes. The word is almost always a way to attack white interests. We should ignore the word.

Moving on, this is from the Daily Caller:

This sounds like a conspiracy theory, undoubtedly from Muslim supremacists.

Wrong. White people aren’t scared of anything except being called racist.

Author Brandon Taylor:

He argues that “the minute you acknowledge the existence of a white audience, you find yourself othering your own subjectivity,” becoming an object acted upon, rather than an actor. If that’s true, blacks are better off far away from us. Get those “tiny white people” out of your heads.

This man is not shy about his admiration for the Nation of Islam:

Remember, half of black Americans support Louis Farrakhan.

There might be something to this. Even if there isn’t, wannabe “white saviors” should know they won’t get any gratitude.

If you ignore “black voices,” you are racist. If you ask “poor nonwhites” their opinions, you’re exploitative.

Of course, there is a great deal of forced diversity.

If you have to remake your company and do “WORK” to keep blacks happy, it means diversity is a chore, not a strength.

To save non-whites, whites have to be made uncomfortable.

“Diversity” means “no whites.”

She may not even be joking.

Just about anything can be “racist” these days, so steer clear of blacks. Also, it’s clear you should never apologize. It won’t do any good.

It must have vanished overnight.

Affirmative-action comedy.

That helps explain why people are so desperate not to be white.

Still, it’s not like some blacks don’t fake being white.

I guess he learned that white privilege isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.