Posted on April 20, 2021

Verified Hate: Boarded Up

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, April 20, 2021

Businesses are boarding up in Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center before the Derek Chauvin verdict — because multiracialism doesn’t work.

Someone splattered blood and left a pig’s head at a house in Northern California. Barry Brodd, an expert witness for the defense in Derek Chauvin trial, used to live there.

Rep. Maxine Waters is making it worse.

Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, fresh from attacking his own party’s “America First Caucus,” told Nancy Pelosi that Maxine Waters should be punished for encouraging riots. Speaker Pelosi brushed him off. I assume Minority Leader McCarthy will do nothing.

Here is video from a shooting in Louisiana. The audio commentary is instructive.

Now for our usual roundup of anti-white animus.

The Nation’s Justice Correspondent:

No one’s forcing you to stay here. There are whole countries where you can be among your own.

The girl who made a career from once taking down the Confederate flag has some thoughts.

This is proof that we view reality in fundamentally different ways and shouldn’t be forced to deal with each other.

Professional tattletale Nick Martin:

What did he get wrong Who depends on whom? If we can start discussing that, we can deal with the real issues.

From the taxpayer-supported BBC:

England has a state church. Most think it’s the Church of England, but it’s really anti-racism.

A Labour city councilor from Liverpool, posted on Facebook, saying that a list of Prince Philip’s politically incorrect comments was: “Just a list of reasons why the world is a better place without this fascist piece of inbred sh** in it.” She’s since apologized.

Still, there were other comments about the prince. Just a few people could attend his funeral because of COVID-19. They were all white. Somehow, this was a problem.

No, we can’t stop talking about race. I wish we could. However, this is the world we live in, and whites need to wake up or die out.

A journalist:

Does anyone believe that’s true?

Joy-Ann Reid:

What would “reconciling” our past mean? And what does she mean by “our?”

By the way, a few years ago she had an old blog where she posted anti-gay statements. She blamed “hackers.” Her career hasn’t suffered.

Here are a few from former Democrat congressional candidate Saira Rao. I call her whom “Ol’ Reliable.”


Activist Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman.

Incredible that in a “Black and Brown world,” BLM activists love to move in with us. White Comfort is a wonderful thing.

Author Frederick Josh:

Keep this up. Whites need to get it through their heads: Anti-racism is a church with no salvation. You are guilty no matter what.

Finally, a stupid internet controversy. A girl made a happy birthday video, but there’s a Confederate flag in the background, so the lynch-mob is gathering.

There are quite a few of these.

Get ready for more “Sights and Sounds” this week, regardless of the verdict. Now, I think I’ll board up my house.