Posted on October 17, 2020

Seattle: More Crime, Fewer Police

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, October 17, 2020

On Thursday in Seattle, someone threw burning wood into a squad car. The officer inside reportedly shot at the man, but missed.

Destroyed Seattle Squad Car

Credit Image: © David Ryder / ZUMA Wire

The perp’s identity was not released. The officer was treated for burns but is okay.

On May 30, also in Seattle, a black felon from Georgia named Tyre Wayne Means Jr., stole a rifle from a squad car and set the vehicle on fire. He was arrested and the rifle recovered.

Tyre Wayne Means Jr

Tyre Wayne Means Jr

In August, the Seattle City Council approved a $4 million cut in the police budget. The only council member to vote against the cut was Kshama Sawant, a member of the “Socialist Alternative” party. She voted “no” because the cut was not deep enough.

Kshama Sawant

Seattle City Councilmember, Kshama Sawant, revs up the crowd at a rally for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Wash. on February 17, 2020. Sawant is a member of the Socialist Alternative party. (Credit Image: © Karen Ducey / ZUMA Wire)

This week,

The mayor’s office reported that a record number of officers left the Seattle Police Department in September: 39 officers — including three trainees. . . .

September 2020 saw double the amount of departures from the Seattle Police Department during the next-highest months on record.

Police officers face more attacks from thugs just as they are facing more political attacks from officials who control the budget, but many officers leaving the force will get private security jobs protecting the mansions of the elite who hate the police.