Posted on October 25, 2020

Enjoy YouTube Dissidence While You Can

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, October 25, 2020

Since 2016, YouTube has deleted dissident videos and channels more and more frequently. Within a few years, it might become a wasteland of conventional thinking, music videos, and makeup tutorials. I recommend watching as much heterodox opinion as possible before the ax falls.

Here are some recommendations.

Libertarian polymath Murray Rothbard on why the American Revolution and Southern Secession were justified wars:

Sam Francis at the 2000 American Renaissance conference, on “Race and the American Right:”

An in-depth, three-hour, interview with Charles Murray:

Paul Joseph Watson’s “The Truth About Suicide:”

Clem Tholet’s song “Rhodesians Never Die:”

James Burnham on liberal guilt, from his book Suicide of the West:

AfriForum’s micro-documentary on farm murder in South Africa:

Death in June’s album Burial:

Mark Steyn on global demographic projections:

Lauren Southern’s “Say Goodbye To Your History:”