Posted on August 7, 2020

The ‘Long Night’ Falls on Twitter

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, August 7, 2020

John Robb, who runs the excellent “Global Guerillas” website, has warned about the emerging “Long Night” of “networked tyranny.” The “Long Night” is “an all-encompassing online orthodoxy,” he wrote in 2017. This orthodoxy “narrows public thought down to a single, barren, ideological framework,” preventing dissent and locking us into “stagnation and inevitable failure as it runs afoul of reality and human nature.” In his most recent report, he argued that America is close to a “future of tribal totalitarianism so complete that nothing can challenge it from within.”

Jack Dorsey speaks to Entrepreneurial Refugee Network members

June 11, 2019 – London, UK – Square Co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey (far left) speaks to Entrepreneurial Refugee Network members (left to right) Muzaffar Sadykov and Naglaa Sadik to discuss how technology is opening up new opportunities for refugees breaking barriers in the UK. (Credit Image: © Matt Crossick / PA Wire via ZUMA Press)

This doesn’t seem fantastic or theoretical to us. It’s not just that we can’t have a Twitter account. It’s not just that we must sue to host a conference.  It’s not just that we can’t have a credit-card processor. We face life under a Chinese-style Social Credit System, one imposed by private oligarchs rather than the government. It’s arguably worse than the Chinese system, because the Chinese at least know who the censor is: It’s the government. We have an insidious system in which millions of people – living in an allegedly free country — censor themselves and each other.

There are some bastions of defiance. BitChute is a free speech alternative to YouTube. Not surprisingly, journalists don’t like BitChute.

This latest round of hit pieces was prompted by a new report from yet another “watchdog group,” CST. It was called, “Hate Fuel: The hidden online world fueling far right terror.” The premise is that “far right” ideas, all by themselves, cause violence.

PayPal has banned BitChute, just as it did us. Now, BitChute has risen to another level in our elite club. Twitter censors all posts that contain links to BitChute videos, calling them “potentially harmful.” It does that to us, too.

Of course, tweets of a different sort are still up.

If more than 70,000 people think whites were eating their ancestors, I’d say that’s a greater threat to social harmony than a BitChute link. But don’t expect principles from Twitter; expect anti-white bias.

The “Long Night” is falling. It’s not just that we have to “build our own platforms.” It may soon be that we must build our own credit unions, use our own currencies (crypto), secure our own servers, acquire our own venues, and duplicate on every level what ordinary Americans take for granted. This takes time, effort, and resources away from educating whites. However, we are taking the first steps necessary to have one day a place of our own on this continent. In the long run, we may thank our opponents for forcing us to find the way.