Thirteenth American Renaissance Conference (2015)

A Light in the Darkness

Race is a myth. Diversity is our strength. All races are equal. Whites have privilege. IQ can’t be measured. America needs immigrants. How many other delusions and outright lies can you think of that we’re not supposed to question?

We are united in our commitment to Western Civilization and to the World Brotherhood of Europeans that holds our civilization in trust for future generations.

Conferees gathered from April 17–19, 2015, at Montgomery Bell Inn and Conference Center, near Nashville, TN, to discuss these important issues. The conference write up can be found here. Click on the title of a speech to watch a video of it on BitChute.

Peter Brimelow Peter Brimelow — “Immigration: Is This the Breaking Point?Mr. Brimelow is the editor of, and the author of Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster.
RamZPaul RamZPaul — “The Red Pill.” Mr. Paul describes himself as “a sometimes sober guy with a camera who creates videos on YouTube.” Mostly mocking the establishment’s religion of Cultural Marxism, his iconoclastic performances have been called “Pop Culture Meets Nationalism.”
Richard Spencer Richard Spencer — “Why Do They Hate Us?Mr. Spencer is director of the National Policy Institute and Washington Summit Publishers. He is the editor of the cultural journal Radix and former assistant editor of The American Conservative.
Matt Tait Matt Tait  — “Tragedy and Hope: Lessons from the Plight of British Nationalism.” A life-long activist and nationalist organizer, Mr. Tait will provide an intricate deconstruction of the BNP as an organisation, the social context it existed in during its growth years, and will offer essential lessons we must learn from its decline. Mr. Tait is the founder Western Spring.
Jared Taylor Jared Taylor  — “What’s Wrong with the Country.” Mr. Taylor is editor of American Renaissance. He is the author of Paved With Good Intentions, and the primary contributor to the collection A Race Against Time. His latest book is White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
Konstantins Pupurs Konstantins Pupurs — “Nationalist Movements in the Baltic Republics.” Mr. Pupurs was active in Helsinki-86, the first openly anti-Communist organization in Latvia and the first group to speak out against the Soviet regime. More recently, he served on the board of the nationalist party, All for Latvia, which in 2013 merged with other nationalist parties to form the National Alliance.
Sam Dickson Sam Dickson  — “A Benediction for Heretics.” Mr. Dickson is an attorney who has been an advocate for our people since his college days. He has addressed every American Renaissance conference.
Sam Francis “Remembering Sam Francis.” Tribute to a great thinker and leader.

Richard Spencer, Sam Dickson, Peter Brimelow, and John Derbyshire  — “The Great Debate.” Can the political system solve the race problem? What are the prospects for white identity? What are our alternatives? A lively debate on these crucial questions.