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Blondes were especially prized.

Brits gave away 0.7 percent of GDP.

“Among those below the age of 18 in Berlin, 45 percent have foreign roots.”

Owner says employers who pretend otherwise are hypocrites.

The Jobbik message is especially well received in Poland.

15,000 migrants have landed on the Italian coast this year.

Jobbik won 20.5 percent of the vote in Sunday’s elections.

“America” is falling in international rankings.

They will cross any bit of unprotected border.

Gains could be significant in the May elections.

Secession and independence movements are flourishing.

They all have something in common.

Fewer Moroccans? Wilders says “We’ll see to that.”

Camp of the Saints, the movie.

The video is a none-too-subtle death threat.

Six hundred Africans tried to force their way into Spanish territory.

Pat Buchanan: “European Man is an endangered species. European Man is dying out.”

They need money to heal their collective “psychological trauma.”

Resurgence will be published in English.

What comes with open borders.

Ukrainian rightists call for “a great Ukrainian and European reconquista!”

Next to Mexico City, Detroit is the most miserable city in North America.

The will of a majority of Swiss voters is apparently a “virus.”

Douglas Murray: “I think it is right for people to have a place they call home.”

The Swiss lead the way for Britain.

Nationalist parties are on the march on the continent.

46 percent of French say she is “the face of patriotic conservatives, with traditional values.”

So Germans must be reeducated.

A promising trend.

The Swiss actually had a chance to vote on immigration.

The Swiss people have upset EU bureaucrats and businessmen thirsty for cheap labor.

Lega Nord makes a point.

In Stockholm, 60 percent of Somalis are unemployed; in Malmö, the rate is 80 percent.

A British analysis of what “right wing” means.

In more than 200 British schools, 90 percent of students don’t speak English at home.

Recruits from the US get the same treatment.

Claims he is a “soldier of Allah.”

The party remains the third most popular in Greece.

We must act now to put a stop to “emotional harm” and “mental trauma.”

Another way to fight population decline.

But you can still become “European” for a fee.

Journalist says they’ve become “the revolution’s most commanding presence.”

Even liberal Norwegians worry about becoming strangers in their own land.

The Hour of Decision


Oswald Spengler’s last great book.

Review by Jon Harrison Sims

Black minister says “racism” is a threat to democracy.

David Miliband calls it “the defining humanitarian crisis of our time.”

Western Europe can expect a plague of Gypsies.

“I am pained to see that the French mode of European civilization is threatened.”

But opposes immigration from Bulgaria and Romania.

Will emphasize contributions of African and Indian soldiers.