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Britain refused to accept any; Hungary and Bulgaria were given exemptions.

Will France now ban minarets?

Europe’s identity–which means letting everyone in–is at risk.

Danish People’s Party is second-largest in Denmark.

And Hungary plans to fence its southern border.

It includes Jobbik and Geert Wilders’ party.

“Racists” in study could say they have no Arab ancestry.

Tent city in France now has its own mosque.

Study tries to answer whether it was a migration of people or ideas that created civilization.

10 were pregnant; one went into labor as she was rescued.

“Refugee” Invasion is European Suicide


Europeans have a choice: Wake up or die.


It’s a way black immigrants show disapproval.

Petition currently has 33,000 signatures.

Young Austrians speak out against the “Great Replacement.”

He does not want “mass-scale” mixing of people with different religions.

Ten Muslim radicals were bound for Norway.

Former Foreign Minister says no more “refugees” should be allowed across the Mediterranean.

She says Germans should welcome it.

They say they were better fed, clothed, and housed in Italy.

£4,250 per immigrant.

Island is a popular vacation spot for Brits.

Said to have killed tourists at Bardo Museum and then gone to Italy.

Their deaths provoked the worst immigrant riots in French history.

But Hungary, Slovakia, and Estonia may block the plan.

Europe considering military action against Libyan immigrant-smugglers.

British Home Secretary says “that will thwart the trade.”

AR Conference Videos, Part II


Sam Dickson, Konstantins Pupurs, Matt Tait, “The Great Debate,” and “Remembering Sam Francis.”


“We must distribute refugees throughout the whole of Europe.”

Doctors Without Borders will send a ship to help illegals.

Muslims posed as policemen to steal old folks’ money for ISIS.

Victor Davis Hanson sniffs around the edges of the truth.

67 percent oppose granting Czech citizenship to non-Czechs.

They all have something in common.

They carried out a 2009 bombing in Peshawar that killed more than 100 people.

Swedish MEP attacks immigration control advocates.

Ethnic Diversity and Social Trust, American Sociological Review

It’s one or the other.

Map of population trends for Europe and Africa puts Mediterranean debate in perspective.

The rest would be sent back under a “rapid-return” program.

UN: “If you think you can close the gates to people then you are clinging to a fantasy.”

He supports Australia’s approach of sending boat people back home.

Former classmates watch in horror as he murders a man on video.

He says if boat people aren’t turned back, “millions” will flood into Europe.

Scientists draw genetic conclusions about the entire population of Iceland.

900 people may have drowned in one day.

2015 AmRen Conference: Best Ever


A record turnout for an invigorating weekend.


Governor of Veneto: “We are totally opposed to taking any more migrants.”

Camp of the Saints.

Author worries Europeans may “rediscover Eurocentrism.”

Spoke to a crowd of 10,000.

“Europe is facing questions which can no longer be answered within the framework of liberal multiculturalism.”