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Archaeologist says “strong indications lead me to almost certainty.”

They planned to assassinate Filip Dewinter, who spoke at last weekend’s AR conference.

Germany says £7.6 billion should do it.

Sweden has Europe’s highest rate of sex attacks against women.

“We’ve Never Been Weaker and Never More Hated”

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Anti-racists gather to lament our gains.


Article is a catalog of rising support among European nationalist parties.

Migrants to Germany have committed 400,000 crimes since 2014.

The vote was 50.3 to 49.7 percent.

AfD embraces PEGIDA, saying, “We have common goals.”

“Immigration is by far the best issue for the ‘Leave’ campaign.”

Just as it wants to fill the United States with Mexicans.

Britain needs at least 220,000 new houses each year.

One hundred migrants rushed the police.

Third World holding the West hostage.

Cockneys are going extinct.

This is the third time they have burned it down.

They charge $3,400-$6,800 per customer.

Austria could get a “right-wing populist” head of state.

They pretend they’re from Somalia.

This is not just about avoiding rape. It’s actually about how to have sex.

Boris Johnson accuses politicians of “dishonesty” and says high immigration is “without consent.”

Federal police: They migrated “in a targeted, organised way in order to launch attacks in Germany.”

Attacker yelled “Allahu akbar,” but police find “no evidence for an Islamist motive.”

Opponents call it “shameful.”

Police say Veinnese woman’s blonde hair and revealing dress provoked Afghan attackers.

Their signs had slogans like “No Islam on German Soil.”

Sky News knocks on the doors of the families of 63 expat jihadis.

There are already 1,600 young Muslims in French “de-radicalization programs.”

The FPO’s success is undermining the centrist parties.

He prevailed in the face of an “appalling dog whistle campaign.”

61 percent of Germans now say Islam does not belong in Germany.

He was asked if he’d back down on his ban on Muslim immigration.

The EU may give member states that ultimatum.

Crowd shouts “We are the people.”

One would-be terrorist said, “The French must die by the thousands.”

Nationalism is the obvious response to threats posed by globalization.

Citizens of poorer countries are more likely to see themselves as “global citizens.”

20 percent of Germans disapprove of miscegenation; 46 percent won’t give their opinion.

Over 500 women reported sex attacks on New Year’s Eve.

Says such “twisted thinking” led to the Holocaust.

“Europe does not realize this, but this is the reality.”

If Europe had no Muslims it would not have this problem.

A sound investment.

Hungary’s constitution promotes cultural continuity.

The Austrian Freedom Party got 36 percent of the vote in the first round of presidential elections.

1,000 new migrants are arriving in Sicily each week.

South African farmers explore new options in Eastern Europe.

European values give way to Islamic values.

The justice minister wants to throw out the censorship law.

He faces up to five years in prison for Facebook comments.