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Many ways to die: downing , suffocation, poisoning.

Net immigration to Britain rose 40 percent over the past year.

Truck was owned by a Lebanese “Bulgarian.”

Justice minister: There should be no tolerance for users who “preach xenophobia and racism.”

The top country that foreign mothers come from is Poland.

An estimated 20 to 50 “refugees” suffocated.

His “fiery persona” has become a liability to his daughter.

One in eight UK residents born elsewhere.

The barrier is 108 miles long.

Italian coastguard finishes the smugglers’ job for them.

German chancellor says opposition to the 800,000 asylum seekers is “shameful.”

The great replacement continues in Germany.

The party has doubled its support over the past year.

“Asylum seekers” smashed up their shelter and attacked guards in a wild rampage.

Up from a record 203,000 last year.

It’s too poor and too homogeneous for them.

Germany will accept 500,000 refugees this year.

Germans fight displacement.

“Here we are. Feed us.”

Eritrean asylum seekers to Sweden stab two shoppers to death at an Ikea store.

Greece got 50,000 “refugees” in a single month.

French lefties invited them to take over an empty high school.

A small step in the right direction.

How to solve the Calais problem? Fine the truck drivers!

Help build the wall or lose your benefits.

There are 16 million immigrants and children of immigrants living in Germany.

Advertisements apologize for “the mess” caused by “forced begging” in Sweden.

Authorities are helpless against determined infiltrators.

200,000 people have signed a petition to have her fired as a columnist.

David Cameron says a “swarm” of Africans is trying to break into Britain.

His party is in the governing coalition.

British welfare is quite a draw.

“The election is a choice between mass immigration and welfare. You choose.”

They pulled ahead in the last few centuries.

Northern League is now Italy’s third-most popular party.

Just one percent away from the lead.

Swedish bureaucrat calls anyone who points it out “Islamophobic.”

Italians protest immigrant “invasion.”

Protesters chant “Slovakia is not Africa!”

They want to choose their destination.

Government started building the 13-foot-high fence this week.

Federica Mogherini: “Islam belongs in Europe. It holds a place in Europe’s history.”

If they had not been let in there would be no problem.

The Islamic State Attacks Europeans


Is it race or religion?


Poland, Ireland, Germany, South Africa, and US in the top 10 sending countries.

Even the prosecutor thinks that’s fine.

Black in Netherlands was put in choke hold and held down by white officers.

UN says Europe is not doing enough.

Britain refused to accept any; Hungary and Bulgaria were given exemptions.

Will France now ban minarets?