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Estimated 3,000 “Europeans” still fighting for ISIS.

“We have to keep up the pressure on the companies.”

More common sense from the east.

“The Burqa is an expression of misogynistic Islamist ideology. This symbol we need to halt.”

There is “an inexhaustible supply” of Arabs and Africans who want to come.

There will be a referendum on whether Hungarians want the EU to be able to force migrants on the country.

Nationalist AfD scored just 5 points behind Merkel’s CDU in Berlin elections.

The first 1.5 minutes say it all.

Only 100 of the migrants to Germany have jobs.

“[Merkel] will pay the price and so will Germany, our children.”

Migrants threw bottles at police trying to break up the skirmish.

15,000 “radicalized” Muslims are on a French police watchlist.

1,800 officers will patrol the city, teaching “Parisians” basic manners.

This year there have been 705 attacks on asylum centers in Germany.

It will be half a mile long.

Norwegian king betrays his country.

The suicide of France continues.

The AfD bested Merkel’s CDU in her home state.

The rush is on to cross before the weather gets worse in the fall.

German leftists violently disrupted another AfD meeting in February.

German authorities say Generation Identity’s activities may be “against the free democratic order.”

Sudanese and Afghans battle “all the time” for control of the camp.

Court says it “seriously and clearly illegally breached fundamental freedoms.”

“I refuse to let the burkini impose itself in French beaches and swimming pools . . . .”

It’s polling at 10 percent nationally.

Fifteen French towns have banned burkinis.

Conscription was dropped in 2011 but may be brought back because of terrorism.

Insurance costs more in non-white areas. Industry says race has nothing to do with it.

She’s “Asian,” but police don’t think it’s terrorism.

Mayor of town deliberately created seven jobs for them.

A previous ban attempt failed because party officials who testified were actually government informants.

“Officers have not confirmed any motive . . . .”

“Austria’s Donald Trump” is polling well for the October election.

The attack took place on Near Year’s Day.

Burkinis represent an “archaic vision” that’s “not compatible with the values of France.”

“Foreign men” have high crime rates in Norway.

Soros group says European refugee crisis is “the new normal.”

That was what the EU foolishly agreed to.

Black Metal Ethno-Nationalism, AR Classic Article

Waging culture war.

They worry they’ll be accused of discrimination.

Police found him at the apartment of his 15-year-old fiancee.

“There are strict instructions from the top not to report offenses committed by refugees.”

Pakis still grooming white girls in Rotherham “on an industrial scale.”

His father is a local imam.

600 people gathered to protest the death of a black man in police custody.

Is anyone surprised?

It has dropped 28 percent since the migrant crisis began.

Former Border Agency chief says UK doesn’t have the “resources or political levers” to deport them.

Women scream while men smash each other with chairs.

1165 people are dead from 141 attacks.