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Encouraging video from the youth wing of the Sweden Democrats.

The Legacy of Pim Fortuyn


It is five minutes to midnight, not just in the Netherlands but in Europe. I stand with this country, which has been built up in six centuries. There is a goddamned fifth column in this country that wants to take us into the abyss. I tell them [foreigners], you can stay here, but you adapt. […]


Former defense minister says it is time to fight back.

Traffickers intentionally sank the boat.

Immigration-control party now the third-largest in Sweden.

Germany welcoming immigrants to make up for falling birth rates.

“We want to stop the immigrant invasion not just in Calais but in the whole of Europe.”

They would face terrorism charges in Britain.

There appear to be ISIS supporters wherever there are Muslims.

Can’t say we weren’t warned.

Dysgenics may be playing a role.

She says she was recently among people with Ebola.

“Racism exists and is a very huge problem in every day Swedish life.”

She was fired because she doesn’t like Muslims or illegal immigrants.

Integration Minister says “We know that different human races actually do not exist.”

“Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide.”

EU thwarts national sovereignty.

“The greater a nation’s genetic distance from Denmark, the lower the reported wellbeing of that nation.”

Socialist mayor turns up the volume.

French activists are facing criminal charges for occupying a mosque construction site.

Al-Qaeda operative also wanted to target “the modest and poor French population.”

Racial sensitivity takes precedence over Dutch tradition.

Burka bans could become the norm in Europe.

Conservative prime minister praises Islam.

“Our Parliament is still nowhere near representative enough of the country we live in today.”

Authorities think some of them suffocated on an overcrowded boat.

Iceland has a Naming Committee that helps preserve the country’s heritage.

60,000 illegals have landed on Italy’s coast this year.

MP says “there is nothing we can do because we are part of the EU.”

Project would cost $3 billion USD and would feature a 1,000-foot minaret.

They needed MEPs from seven countries but had only five.

Asylum seekers bring their customs to Sweden.

The George Kennan Diaries


The testament of one of the last great WASPs.


Germans insist that they love immigrants.

A Weekend of Fellowship, Part 3


Talks by Adrian Davies and John Morgan.


Other countries are refusing to be displaced by immigrants.

Hungarian radio and television must not express opinions during certain broadcasts.

A Weekend of Fellowship, Part 2


Talks by RamZPaul, Jared Taylor, and Sam Dickson.


Austrian Identitarians on the march for the first time.

The National Front will be the fourth largest party in European Parliament.

Neither wants to associate with anyone too “extreme.”

Kindergarten was accepting registrations anyway.

Swedish “anti-fascists” say they use “good violence.”

An inspiring message from the youth wing of the Swedish Democrats.

The European Elections


A promising shift to the Right.


David Cameron has broken a “solemn promise.”

Nationalists find inspiration in Russia, not the US.

His party is polling behind the Front National for the EU elections.

Nationalist parties’ prospects very good for Euro-elections.