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The election is this Sunday.

Officials will try to avoid a repeat of last year’s attacks.

Pat Buchanan on the new post-Cold War era.

Prime Minister says Islam has no place in his country.

It is a choice between the Green Party and the “far right.”

Greece says allowing such migration would be an “act of aggression.”

Some have a flesh-eating disease from Syria.

Over one third of Germans agree that there are too many foreigners in their country.

Ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy eliminated in primary.

The Colonization of Europe, AR Classic Article

How Europe could become Eurabia.

The mayor is a Muslim.

They are now just three points behind the Social Democrats.

The total for the Mediterranean this year is over 4,500.

Now, the unthinkable has become conceivable.

Before they even reach the coast of Europe.

It’s higher than the Berlin Wall.

The French Fear Islamization but Do Nothing

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Not even the Front National is prepared to act.


Whites are indifferent to the 21.3 million refugees who haven’t tried to go to Europe.

“A society that can’t defend its children has no tomorrow.”

Judges say a “leave” vote from MPs will be necessary to trigger withdrawal from EU.

France has closed dozens of mosques in the past year.

The government is about to open a £6m facility with a soccer field for them.

A comprehensive look at how “far-right” parties in Europe have gotten to the brink of power.

Researcher thinks “salesmanship” on the benefits of diversity will solve the problem.

Rival migrant gangs beat each other with clubs on the streets of a trendy Paris neighborhood.

Police have declared 52 areas “no-go zones.”

Migrants committed 142,500 crimes in the first six months of 2016.

Though overall crossings this year are only a third of the total for 2015.

Judges: Because politicians have “broad freedoms of expression,” they shouldn’t make intolerant statements.

As many as 2,500 migrants are sleeping rough in Paris.

Thousands march against muggings by perps “generally of Arab or African origin.”

Police battle “migrants” in central Paris.

They’ll get that and a free flight home to leave Britain.

Thousands are determined to stay and go to Britain anyway.

Long-time immigrants complain that “the Germans all moved away.”

Migrants threw rocks at the 1,200 officers trying to remove them from the camp.

She’s losing 44-56 percent in a theoretical matchup against Nicolas Sarkozy.

Free schooling and jobs will also help them fit into society.

19-year-old Moroccan rapes nonagenarian in alley.

White Fratricide in Donbass


Why are whites killing each other in Eastern Ukraine?


The Art of Racial Paralysis


France cannot solve its race problem until it recognizes it has one.


Over the next six months, there will be key elections in Netherlands, France, Italy, and Germany.

Crew was doing a documentary on the Calais “jungle.”

“All white girls are good for is sex.”

Some 2,500 “Europeans” are fighting for ISIS.

Leaked letter describes a “massive problem.”

Wilders still says he has “no regrets” about his comments on Moroccans.

Being European!


A video in memory of Dominique Venner.


The dialect in London will become “Multicultural London English.”

Police found 1.5 kg of explosives similar to those used in Paris and Brussels.