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Munich police say the gunmen have an “Islamist background.”

Wilders says Trump is part of the “Patriotic Spring” sweeping Europe.

Police also say the perp developed the plot months in advance.

A water fight turned into London’s “city’s worst bout of violence since the 2011 riots.”

Most of the victims are immigrants, but 43 were born in the UK.

Nice is a popular destination for Muslims.

Mohamed was allegedly upset that the girls were “scantily dressed.”

Judge scolds a couple for having a private Facebook group critical of immigration.

NYT admits many “anti-immigration, populist parties” are “within the mainstream.”

Prime Minister: “Serbia must protect its national interests.”

Tunisian immigrant killed 84 people and injured 202 others.

NYT lets rightists speak for themselves.

An estimated 30 people are dead and 100 others injured.

There were coordinated, early-morning raids to capture members of a private Facebook group.

Germany welcomed 2.1 million newcomers.

Richard Spencer has been banned from Britain.

Adrian Davies on Post-Brexit Britain


Now that the dust has settled, what are the consequences of this historic vote?


Poll suggests US may be the most brainwashed Western country.

But “advocates for refugees” oppose new law that makes it easier to deport perps.

Their victims wept as they testified.

Judge hands down nine-month suspended sentence and a €1,200 fine.

Internal memo says “surge in sex crimes” has “given us grave cause for concern.”

She didn’t want to “fuel aggressive racism.”

Swedes, on the other hand, should know better.

The community decides if you are fit for citizenship.

The Colonization of Europe


Guillaume Faye’s call to arms.

Review by Jared Taylor

The “far-right” may have lost due to irregularities.

A spasm of common sense from the Boston Globe.

Only six percent of migrants told last year to go back to Africa actually left.

“Our borders are our borders.”

Islamic enrichment in Europe.

Congratulations on Brexit!, Special to AR News

The vote to leave the EU was a rejection of immigration and multiculturalism.

But still hopes Britain will be “a model of a multi racial, multi faith democracy.”

A fine-grained look at the rift between Leave and Remain.

Both countries are rejecting elite consensus.

Trump affirms “the sacred right of all free peoples” to self-determination.

Migrants stopped traffic for hours and threw stones at stopped cars.

This year 3,500 migrants have drowned trying to get to Europe.

A mere photograph is “racist.”

Seven percent believe violence is justified for the sake of spreading Islam.

Ads feature a packed queue of migrants entering Slovenia.

No more underage marriages, either.

Latvia is planning a similar measure.

Lefty frets that even Labour voters now oppose immigration and support Brexit.

He’s upset that media call it a “radical” belief.

Half of Germans feel like “foreigners in their own country.”

Press freely admits it was the anti-fa who attacked the Identitarians.

Killer made a video after the crime and posted it on Facebook.

He was hit in the head with a large rock during an 800-strong Identitarian rally.

German schoolgirls were “paralyzed by political correctness.”