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Congratulations on Brexit!, Special to AR News

The vote to leave the EU was a rejection of immigration and multiculturalism.

But still hopes Britain will be “a model of a multi racial, multi faith democracy.”

A fine-grained look at the rift between Leave and Remain.

Both countries are rejecting elite consensus.

Trump affirms “the sacred right of all free peoples” to self-determination.

Migrants stopped traffic for hours and threw stones at stopped cars.

This year 3,500 migrants have drowned trying to get to Europe.

A mere photograph is “racist.”

Seven percent believe violence is justified for the sake of spreading Islam.

Ads feature a packed queue of migrants entering Slovenia.

No more underage marriages, either.

Latvia is planning a similar measure.

Lefty frets that even Labour voters now oppose immigration and support Brexit.

He’s upset that media call it a “radical” belief.

Half of Germans feel like “foreigners in their own country.”

Press freely admits it was the anti-fa who attacked the Identitarians.

Killer made a video after the crime and posted it on Facebook.

He was hit in the head with a large rock during an 800-strong Identitarian rally.

German schoolgirls were “paralyzed by political correctness.”

The 400-member colony fears Cologne-style abuse.

Freedom Party of Austria has a stern warning for migrants.

800 of those were sex crimes.

European Union plans to censor Facebook and Twitter.

Eritrean smuggler’s wife lives in Sweden.

The usual lefty thuggery.

Promotional video for a June 11 Identitarian rally in Vienna.

Provocative ad campaign shows results.

But restores it after outcry.

BBC labels the positions “trainee schemes” to avoid discrimination laws.

Suspects are Syrian.

Scholar taught five students who later joined ISIS.

The leave-stay gap narrowed by eight points after news of record immigration.

Pat Buchanan sees resurgent tribalism in support for Brexit.

Protestors called 2015 a “turning point.”

“Europe, for example Germany, cannot become an Arab country.”

She is by no means the first.

Three Pakistani asylum seekers have been arrested.

A new version of white flight.

Slovakian PM takes a strong stand.

Influx of migrant men is having a “significant impact,” especially for ages 15 to 19.

EU commissioner: “The internet is a place for free speech, not hate speech.”

Archaeologist says “strong indications lead me to almost certainty.”

They planned to assassinate Filip Dewinter, who spoke at last weekend’s AR conference.

Germany says £7.6 billion should do it.

Sweden has Europe’s highest rate of sex attacks against women.

“We’ve Never Been Weaker and Never More Hated”

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Anti-racists gather to lament our gains.


Article is a catalog of rising support among European nationalist parties.

Migrants to Germany have committed 400,000 crimes since 2014.

The vote was 50.3 to 49.7 percent.

AfD embraces PEGIDA, saying, “We have common goals.”