Posted on May 27, 2021

What a Single Crime Can Teach Us

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, May 27, 2021

It’s more than we will ever learn from the New York Times.

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Sometimes a single incident tells us more about America than a year’s worth of the New York Times or a semester of college. Here’s one from just this month.

On May 4th, Jason Jones, a 72-year-old white man, was driving on I-35 in Clay County, Missouri. He saw a couple standing by a car with a flat and stopped to help. They didn’t have a spare, so Mr. Jones drove them into town in his van to buy one.

As they were heading back to the couple’s car, the woman hit him in the back of the head with a metal rod. Mr. Jones veered off the road and dove headfirst out of the van. The man jumped out after him and beat him viciously. A passerby called 911, and medics rushed Mr. Jones to the hospital. His skull was fractured, his brain was bleeding, and he was covered with blood. Doctors thought he would die. This is what he looked like *after* he was cleaned up and stabilized. Mr. Davis spent 11 days in the hospital. He’s lucky to be alive.

What about the couple? The man who almost killed Mr. Jones tried to steal his van, but it was stuck in a ditch. The police made a quick arrest. The perp is 19-year-old Choyce Davis. His female accomplice is a juvenile, so she has not been identified. Young Choyce is out on $25,000 bond, and has a June second court date.

This story has been reported on only one mainstream news site, a local Fox TV affiliate, which ran a single story and then moved on to severe storm warnings. Choyce Davis spells his name with African-American panache: C-H-O-Y-C-E. So it’s easy to follow him.

Now, it would be trite — wearyingly trite — to note that if a white 19-year-old and his white girlfriend broke down by the side of the road, were helped out by a generous 72-year-old black man, and then nearly beat him to death, things would be a little different. First, a white perp would not be out walking around on a $25,000 bond. He’d either be held without bond or have to come up with half a million dollars. And that’s just as well, because unlike young Choyce, he would not be out chillin’ with his homies until his court date.

A white perp would be big, big news. He would be the latest great white racist. His life would be hell. Bullhorns and screaming outside his house. Vandalism for sure; maybe arson. If he were spotted, out somewhere, he’d have to run for his life. His family would get the treatment. His June 2nd court date would be a BLM rally, with so many people — both black and white — screaming for blood, he might be beaten to death if he didn’t have police protection. Choyce’s court appearance will be routine and will get no press.

And what about the white girl? Her name wouldn’t be officially released because she would be a minor, but indignant whites would track her down and make her life hell, too. Remember: There have been countless cases of vicious cancelation and harassment — of whites, of course — for minor transgressions. This would top them all.

Any kindly 72-year-old black man who was sent to the hospital for being a good Samaritan would get a call from the President. The two might become fast friends, just like Joe Biden and George Floyd’s family. This is just their latest visit to the White House a few days ago. The little girl is George Floyd’s illegitimate daughter. So-called civil-rights lawyer Benjamin Crump is teaching her the black power salute.

Credit Image: © Sait Serkan Gurbuz/ZUMA Wire

So. What were young Choyce and his lady companion thinking? We’re in the dark, because the press hasn’t interviewed his teachers and classmates, as they would for a white perp. There is no learned analysis. But we have clues. Instagram takes down the accounts of criminals, but Choyce Davis made so few ripples that Instagram hasn’t even noticed. What does his account tell us?

First, if this photo was taken at home, he’s not living in misery, and he likes Tommy Hilfiger.

Here is a video he posted.

His English is curious, but he’s affable enough. He doesn’t sound insane. There are no pictures of him brandishing guns and stacks of cash or flashing gang signs. And — this is important — you don’t get $25,000 bond on attempted murder or aggravated assault unless you are a first-time offender. So, my guess is, he’s not a psychopath. He would not have attacked just anybody who stopped to help.

So, why did he nearly kill Mr. Jones? Might it be because he was white?

If so, who can blame him? From the time he was born, Choyce has heard only one story about race: White people have been torturing his people for hundreds of years. From first grade on, he heard about slavery, lynching, segregation, and slavery and slavery, and — did I say — slavery? He learned that in school.

He knows that *black* lives matter. He knows that for nearly a year, black people rioted and looted as part of a great fight for justice. He knows that if there is no justice, there should be no peace.

He knows that racist police kill innocent young black men — just like him — all the time, just for fun. He knows that all white people are racist. He knows they have white privilege, which means they have nice things they don’t deserve. An older white man — like Mr. Jones — has been swilling in white privilege, like a pig in mud, all his life.

America has beaten all this into Choyce Davis’s brain to the point that he believes it as firmly as he believes anything. So, he’s thinking, “Why shouldn’t I take this cracker’s van? He got it from enslaving black people. This is reparations. And why shouldn’t I whip his ass and make him feel just a tiny bit of the pain my people have been feeling for centuries?” In his world, according to what he’s been taught, there is no reason not to.

It almost never makes the news, but plenty of blacks justify beatings, rape, and even murder because white people deserved it. And years of training to hate white people surely accounts for why of the 600,000 or so acts of violence every year that cross racial lines between blacks and whites, it’s blacks who attack whites 85 percent of the time. If ever there was a climate of racial hatred, Choyce Davis lives right in the middle of it.

There’s another angle. After he got out of the hospital, Mr. Jones said, “I’ve always stopped to help people. They’ve always appreciated it — until now. Now at my age, maybe I’ll think twice next time before I do it again.”

This is just one tiny example of how blacks make life worse for everyone. Choyce Davis kicked Jason Jones right out of the helping business. But Mr. Jones shouldn’t stop helping people. He should just avoid blacks. He should have taken John Derbyshire’s famous advice in his column: “The Talk: Nonblack Version.” One piece of advice: “Do not act the Good Samaritan to blacks in apparent distress, e.g., on the highway.” Those words sound harsh, but they would have been potentially life-saving advice for Mr. Jones. But because he doesn’t understand race — because he has had his brains addled just like young Choyce’s — he says he won’t help anyone.

This is what happens when white people live with blacks — and Hispanics — but keep their eyes tightly shut to the reality of race. Blacks shoot each other at a terrific rate, and whites tell you — with a straight face — that *guns* are the problem. Standardized tests were a breakthrough in assessing people objectively, but since blacks and Hispanics get low scores, they’re racist and have to go. Blacks and Hispanics are more likely to shoplift, so, with a straight face, whites say the laws are racist. The result? “Countless stores closing shop in San Francisco thanks to law that effectively legalizes shoplifting up to $950.” Thieves walk in and empty the shelves. Walgreens alone has closed 17 stores.

It’s the same with laws against public drunkenness or defecation, vagrancy, panhandling, fare-beating on public transportation. It turns out these laws were racist all along, too, and have to go. That means whole neighborhoods like this one in Los Angeles. This slum in Mumbai, India looks more orderly. Since they don’t have to pay fares, perverts and psychotics roam the subways, and we get headlines like “Woman pushed in front of NYC subway, miraculously survives.” Here’s a nice video of an attack. The city gets about 20 of these every year, along with random beatings and knife attacks.

And now, it’s kindly old Jason Jones. One more spark of American goodness snuffed out by a young black criminal, who is kicking back with his pals, waiting for a court date.

America used to be different. We understood race. We had clear-headed law enforcement and rules that kept life livable. Those days are never coming back. That genie is out of the bottle for good. There will have to be other solutions.