Posted on June 20, 2024

Los Angeles DA George Gascon Sits on 15,000 Unfiled Cases as Robberies Skyrocket

Kenneth Schrupp, Center Square, June 12, 2024

As homicides and robberies continue to rise, Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon has created a backlog of 15,000 unfiled criminal cases, leading to concerns that unprosecuted criminals in the zero-bail county are able to stay on the streets and keep committing new crimes without any consequences.

While LAPD did not respond to a public records request on updated crime data by the time of publication as the department adopts a new crime reporting system, a LAPD public information officer told The Center Square there were 438 gunshot victims and homicides are up 11%, robberies up 17.6%, motor vehicle theft up 5.2%, and burglaries up 2.4% year-over-year for January 1 through June 1 of 2024 compared to 2023.

“Murders in LA are increasing while falling throughout the country, robberies are up significantly. Gun violence is a huge problem in LA and not charging gun enhancements, and not prosecuting juvenile gun murderers is the wrong policy,” said Nathan Hochman, a former federal prosecutor running against Gascon in the November election, to The Center Square.

“There is now reportedly a backlog of 15,000 unfiled cases that are gathering dust because prosecuting crime is not a priority to Gascon,” Hochman continued. “This means thousands of criminals who should be prosecuted are instead on the streets committing new crimes — and we are less safe as a result.”

When Gascon first took office in 2020, he instituted a policy of seeking zero sentencing enhancements, not prosecuting minors for any misdemeanors — with many felonies for minors directed to diversion programs — and not prosecuting 13 common misdemeanors, including trespass, driving with no license or a suspended license, criminal threats, drinking in public and public intoxication, and loitering to commit prostitution.