Posted on December 28, 2023

Pregnant Migrants Admit: We’re Crossing Border to Score Birthright Citizenship for Our Anchor Babies

John Binder, Breitbart, December 27, 2023

Pregnant foreign nationals staked out in Mexico admit they are looking to cross the United States-Mexico border with “the goal” of securing birthright American citizenship for their anchor babies, a new report details.

The Associated Press (AP) interviewed foreign nationals living in shelters in Mexico, including a couple who are pregnant with their third child.


The AP reports:


David Peña, his two daughters and his pregnant wife, Maryeris Zerpa, hoped to reach the United States before the child is born in about a month. [Emphasis added]

“The goal is to cross over so the baby will be born there,” Peña said. But with no asylum appointment, he had no idea how the family will enter.
[Emphasis added]

The American-born children of illegal aliens, known commonly as “anchor babies,” are rewarded with birthright citizenship despite their parents having no legitimate ties to the United States, many having only recently arrived after crossing international borders.

Years later, when anchor babies become adults, they can sponsor their parents and foreign relatives for green cards — anchoring their family in the U.S. for generations to come. {snip}

Today there are about 5.8 million anchor babies in the United States — a population that exceeds the annual number of American births.