Posted on September 26, 2023

Longstanding NYC Migrants Pushed Out of Jobs by Newcomers

Georgett Roberts and Megan Palin, New York Post, September 21, 2023

Longtime migrant workers are disgruntled with new waves of arrivals to New York City who they say are undercutting them — claiming anyone hiring them should “get the f—k out of here”.

City data shows over 116,000 migrants have flocked to the Big Apple since last spring and most are making ends meet working in the illegal underground economy — many while still living rent-free at taxpayer-funded hotels and shelters, as the New York Post exclusively revealed.

This poses a problem for more established migrants who have been working cash-in-hand for years.

They say newcomers accept next-to-nothing for work such as painting and concreting, driving down their own earning potential.

A tradesman known as “Parrow” who described himself as an “old timer” said he has been going to the Home Depot on Merrick Boulevard in Queens to pick up construction, plumbing and home improvement work for “20 plus years” but is now struggling.

“Yes, man,” he said right away when asked if migrants were taking jobs away {snip}

“If you can get the work cheaper you are going to use those guys. You are not going to pay $200 when you can get [for] $40. Anything you give them, they’ll take it.

“I’m an old guy…get the f—k out of here. I’m not taking it.”


Oscar Irias, 38, from Honduras, is staying in a shelter in Astoria. He crossed the border three years ago {snip}


“I was in Florida before I came here but [Gov. Ron] DeSantis said he didn’t want any undocumented people there so I came to New York.