Posted on September 12, 2023

41% of New Yorkers Want US-Mexico Border Wall to Curb Illegal Immigration: Poll

Carl Campanile, New York Post, September 12, 2023

Even in blue-leaning New York, a significant number of residents want the US government to construct a wall along the entire southern border with Mexico to curb illegal immigration, a new survey revealed.

The Siena College Poll released Tuesday found that roughly 4 in 10 New York State respondents — 41% — support the border wall championed by former Republican President Donald Trump and abandoned by his successor, Democratic President Biden.

Half of New Yorkers — 50% — said they oppose a border wall blanketing the entire southern border, with the remaining respondents undecided.

Even in the immigrant-heavy metropolis of New York City, 38% of residents said they support a border wall, as did 35% of Latinos.

New York City and the Empire State are considered “sanctuary” governments that welcome undocumented migrants who come here illegally.

There was a partisan divide — 77% of Republicans back a border wall compared to 24% of Democrats and 42% of unaffiliated or independent respondents.

Similarly, 42% of respondents said they believe immigrants “take in more resources than they return in economic activity or taxes”, while 48% disagreed, with the remainder undecided

Meanwhile nearly 4 in 10 residents — 38% — said “current migrants to the United States are the source of much of the illegal drugs entering our country”, while 53% disagreed.

Nearly one-third of residents — 31% —  said they believe “many of the people trying to immigrate to the United States are dangerous, potentially criminal people”, while almost two-thirds or 62% disagreed.

“Large majorities of Republicans see immigrants and current migrants as dangerous but
Democrats and independents disagree.”

There was good news for New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul — a solid majority of respondents supported their appeal for the federal government to speed up work permits for migrants and for using federal property such as Floyd Bennett Field as temporary shelters to house asylum-seekers.

Residents were asked, “Do you support or oppose making it easier for migrants currently in New York to be granted work authorizations regardless of their current immigration status?”

The response: 59% of respondents support accelerating work papers for migrants, while 33% were opposed.

They were also asked: “Do you support or oppose using federally owned land and buildings as temporary shelters for the current migrants now in New York?”

Fifty six percent of New Yorkers backed putting migrant shelters on federal property and facilities, while 36% of residents were opposed.