Posted on July 27, 2023

Teenage Squeegee Worker Found Guilty of Manslaughter in Fatal Shooting of Bat-Wielding Man in Baltimore

Alex Mann and Lee O. Sanderlin, Baltimore Sun, July 27, 2023

A Baltimore jury on Thursday found a 16-year-old guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the fatal shooting of a man who confronted a group of squeegee workers with a baseball bat last July.

The jury, however, acquitted the teen of first- and second-degree murder in the shooting death of 48-year-old Timothy Reynolds, an engineer from Hampden, at the intersection of East Conway and Light streets on July 7, 2022. The jury also convicted the teen of two firearms offenses.

The teenager was tried as an adult in Baltimore Circuit Court, and his trial spanned three days.

The teen’s attorneys said they will argue for the case to be transferred to juvenile court for sentencing. One of the defense attorneys, Warren Brown, said they plan to appeal the circuit court judge’s original decision to have the case remain in adult court.

One juror, a woman, was in tears as she left the courtroom Thursday. She looked at the teen and mouthed “I’m sorry.”

The Baltimore Sun is not naming the teen because he’s a minor.


Lawyers for the teenager, who was 14 at the time of the shooting, countered that there was not enough evidence to prove he was the shooter. They also argued that whoever shot Reynolds did so in defense of themselves or other squeegee workers, who they said faced an unprovoked attack from a grown man armed with a metal bat.


A motorist’s dashboard camera picked up after Reynolds crossed about 10 lanes of traffic on Light Street. He was holding a baseball bat and walking away.

Three squeegee workers followed Reynolds, who turned toward them, the video showed. They backed up when he charged with the bat raised over his head. He swung the bat in the direction of a worker. Another worker threw an object at Reynolds, hitting him in the head. He appeared to stumble. That’s when another person shot Reynolds five times.