Posted on July 31, 2023

Moment Naked Woman Opens Fire on Drivers After Police Chase on San Francisco’s Bay Bridge

Melissa Koenig, Daily Mail, July 26, 2023

Wild video posted online shows the moment a female driver got out of her car on San Francisco’s Bay Bridge naked, and began shooting at cops.

The unidentified woman could be seen in cellphone footage walking through the lanes of Interstate 80 without any clothes or underwear on as she pointed a handgun at passing cars.

She was later approached by California Highway Patrol officers, who arrested her without incident.

The woman was then transported to a local hospital for treatment and evaluation.

Authorities say they are now investigating the incident to determine what the woman’s motive may have been.

California Highway Patrol officers said they started receiving a call about a woman driving recklessly on eastbound I-80 at around 4.40pm Tuesday.

One caller even said the woman, who was driving a white Chevy sedan, brandished a gun at her.

The caller went on to say that the driver got out of her car in the middle of the road with a knife, and started yelling at other drivers on the road.

After re-entering her vehicle, the woman allegedly stopped her car again just past the toll plaza on the Bay Bridge and exited the car completely naked.

She then allegedly began firing a gun, but officers say no injuries were reported and no vehicles were struck by gunfire.

When California Highway Patrol officers arrived on the scene, they said they told the woman to drop her gun. The woman initially refused but she ultimately complied.

But the cellphone videos posted online suggest the woman had already emptied her magazine at that point.

A man videoing the chaotic scene could be heard in the footage saying: ‘This guy has a f****** gun’ before he and a friend said it appeared she was out of bullets.

Other footage shows the woman walking along an off-ramp and firing her gun into the air before she was surrounded by California Highway Patrol officers.

It ends with the woman being handcuffed behind her back and led into a patrol car.

Authorities say the woman has since been placed on a mental health hold at a local hospital, and will be booked on unspecified charges upon her release.

The incident left the bridge — which carries nearly 40million people a year — closed for an hour, with residual delays lasting into the night.