Posted on July 21, 2023

Loudoun County Sheds Confederate Ties

Homa Bash, Fox 5 DC, July 19, 2023

A dozen streets and two major highways are getting new names in Loudon County soon, following similar moves in cities across Northern Virginia to shed ties to the Confederacy.


The changes stem from the names being linked to Confederates or a racist history.

From Jackson to Honeybee Avenue.

Hampton to Cinnamon Fern Road.

Longstreet Avenue turns to Piper Run.

And Early will become Earlybird Avenue.


Two major highways will also be renamed by the end of September: Route 7 a.k.a. Harry Byrd Highway turns to Leesburg Pike. Route 50, or John Mosby Highway, will be known as Little River Turnpike.

At a November 15, 2022, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors meeting, Chair Phyllis Randall said she was willing to not be re-elected over this move.

“The fact that these streets were named for Confederates not in 1905 or 1865, but in 1963 is… It’s not about heritage, not about history, not about anything but intimidation and hate,” Randall said.


So to offset the inconvenience and costs associated with changing addresses and signage for businesses, Loudon County leaders just announced a new grant program.

Up to $500 for home-based businesses, and $750 for commercial and nonprofit businesses.