Posted on July 23, 2023

Guests Abruptly Kicked Out of Super 8 in Rotterdam to Make Way for Asylum-Seekers, County, Town Officials Say

Melissa Manno and Paul Nelson, Times Union, July 18, 2023

The Super 8 motel on Carman Road abruptly kicked out guests from all of the rooms at the establishment Tuesday without saying why, but a Schenectady County official cited information received about asylum-seekers.

A statement from County Manager Rory Fluman late Tuesday said:

“We were recently made aware that a local motel contracted with the city of New York to host a group of asylum-seekers. Because immigration is governed by federal law, the county does not have jurisdiction in these matters. However, we are disappointed that the city of New York did not reach out to us directly to inform us of their plans.


The situation seemed to catch county officials by surprise. For hours Tuesday, they were unable to say publicly why the Carman Road motel abruptly told guests that they had to leave.


Guests were told they had to leave in the morning. A sign posted in the lobby said the motel was closing and that longtime guests had 60 days to pick up their cash deposits. {snip}


Town Board Member Joe Mastroianni said the ouster was done to make room for asylum-seekers.

He noted how “they told everyone in the hotel to get out in 90-degree heat and stand in the parking lot with all their belongings.”