Posted on May 15, 2023

Homeless Vets Booted Out of Hotels to Accommodate Migrants

Kelsey Kernstine, News Nation, May 14, 2023

More than two dozen U.S. military veterans were kicked to the curb this weekend by hotels in suburban New York City, completely uprooting their lives.

This comes after a busload of 60 migrants were sent to the town of Newsburgh by the request of Mayor Eric Adams. The Crossroads Hotel in Newsburgh is just one of multiple hotels reportedly booting homeless veterans out to accommodate incoming migrants.

It’s reported these hotels make close to $190 a night housing migrants compared to nearly $90 a night housing veterans.

Not only are the veterans out on the streets, but several wedding parties are reportedly scrambling to find new venues or canceling their weddings altogether after the same hotels chose to last minute lodge migrants rather than wedding party guests.


Meanwhile, the historic Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan will soon reopen to accommodate asylum seekers.  {snip}