Posted on April 9, 2023

Outrage Over White-Only Job Ad Drives Tech Firm to Delete Website

Ashley Belanger, Ars Technica, April 5, 2023

After Redditors called out a Virginia-based tech firm for posting an “illegal and nauseating” job ad—which specified that only white US-born citizens would be considered—Arthur Grand Technologies has deleted the ad and shut down its website and social media presence entirely.

The deleted job ad was posted on Indeed, seeking to hire a Dallas-based business analyst for a long-term contract. The ad included a note labeled “don’t share with candidates” that said that “Only US Born Citizens [White]” would be considered, inciting outrage that not only was the job listing giving preference to white candidates but that the company intended to hide these illegal criteria from applicants.

On Reddit, commenters encouraged applicants of every race and ethnicity to apply, then file a complaint with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance to report Arthur Grand and prompt an investigation into alleged discriminatory hiring practices violating federal law.

LinkedIn post offers the company’s official statement responding to the controversy, claiming that a former employee “took an existing posting and added discriminatory language, then reposted it through his own account.” Arthur Grand said it is now pursuing legal action against that ex-employee.

However, Vice noted that Arthur Grand’s LinkedIn statement had been edited, and a screenshot seemingly showed that the company had previously stated that the job posting was published by a junior employee who was subsequently fired. {snip}


In the LinkedIn statement, Arthur Grand called the job ad “offensive,” saying that the company is “minority-owned” and did not authorize the Indeed posting. {snip}