Posted on March 13, 2023

Over 1000 Migrants Rush Bridge Linking Mexico to U.S. In El Paso

Greg Wehner and Bill Melugin, Fox News, March 12, 2023

group of at least 1,000 migrants rushed the Paso Del Norte bridge linking Mexico to the U.S. in El Paso, Texas, on Sunday, to gain access into the United States {snip}

Crowd control measures were used when the group of mainly Venezuelan migrants continued to press forward, though according to sources at the border, the efforts were thwarted.

Videos show migrants of all ages pressing toward the fenced border, with some putting their hands in the air to encourage others to continue moving forward.

Another video shows the moment the migrants pushed onto the bridge and began running for freedom, with a sign above the read, “Feliz Viaje,” or, happy travels.

In a third video, migrants were seen gathering on a smaller bridge, while others were observed lining up along the riverbank.

Customs and Border Protection increased manpower in the area on the U.S. side, while the Mexican military attempted to contain the incident on the southern side of the bridge.