Posted on March 20, 2023

Arktos De-Platformed in War on Dissident Thought

Arktos, March 8, 2023

In one of the greatest attacks on free speech to date, Arktos, the world’s foremost publisher of New Right and traditionalist literature in the English language, was suddenly de-platformed by the world’s largest book distribution monopoly, resulting in over 430 publications becoming unavailable to the public.

After receiving the first termination letter, Arktos responded and made its case. Since there was no further communication and the account remained open, it was assumed that the decision had been overturned. However, on February 13, fourteen months later, Arktos was contacted again and all distribution was effectively shut down {snip}

Arktos is determined not to be hindered by this malevolent attack on dissident thought. The company has announced the launch of a new website and a complete transformation into a fully fledged think-tank.

‘We are currently undertaking a comprehensive overhaul of our operations to reinstate all titles for distribution as soon as possible’, declared Arktos CEO Daniel Friberg. ‘Our new website will offer a wide range of content, including a new online journal and eventually even an online university, along with exclusive access to select e-books and audiobooks.’

Arktos calls on supporters to join the growing movement challenging the globalist narrative by signing up for a premium membership on its website. The company is devoted to fighting against the enemies of free speech. It believes that with support, it can create a platform that empowers individuals to engage in open and honest dialogue on the most important topics of our time.