Posted on February 24, 2023

Border Crisis Spreads to Canada as Vermont Sector Asks for Help With Migrant Surge in Frigid Weather

Elizabeth Heckman, Fox News, February 20, 2023

Fox News’ Casey Stegall reported Monday on “America’s Newsroom” that the northern U.S. border with Canada has seen close to 56,000 migrant encounters in the 2023 fiscal year {snip}

As a result, border agents are being moved from the southern border to assist their colleagues at the Swanton, Vermont crossing. Stegall said officials are primarily seeing Mexican nationals crossing during a time that is typically slow because of extreme weather conditions.

For all of 2021, the northern border only had about 27,000 crossings, according to Stegall. He said the Swanton sector saw 367 apprehensions in January, higher than the previous 12 January months combined.

An internal email obtained by Stegall requested volunteers to go to the northern border area to “increase detection and custody operations, transportation and flight line security operations.”

To help with the influx, Border Patrol is recruiting volunteers to start as early as March 1st.

Former Yuma (Ariz.) Sector Border Patrol Chief Chris Clem said the northern border is often forgotten because the volume at the southern border is “astronomical.”


Clem said “electronic travel authorization allows [migrants], basically visa-free, to fly in from Mexico to Canada, which means now they have access to move about Canada freely. And then at that point, they’re coming in.”