Posted on January 12, 2023

Mexican President Celebrates ’40 Million’ Mexicans in the U.S.

Neil Munro, Breitbart, January 11, 2023

Mexico’s President Andrés Lopez Obrador says 40 million Mexicans are living in the United States.

“Just imagine: There are 40 million Mexicans in the United States — 40 million [including people] who were born here in Mexico, [or] who are the children of people who were born in Mexico,” President Andrés Lopez Obrador gushed at a January 10 press conference with President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Obrador’s proud Mexican-first advocacy for ethnic Mexicans — including ethnic Mexicans in the United States — is very different from the globalist, investor-first policies pushed by Trudeau and Biden.

At the Tuesday summit, Biden pushed the globalist, pro-migration “Nation of Immigrants” narrative as he described all Americans — including the descendants of Americans — as mere immigrants.

“Look, all of you know all of us in the United States are immigrants,” Biden said. “Mine go all the way back to the Irish famine,” Biden told the press conference.


Biden also called for the use of global labor to fill jobs in the U.S. economy, regardless of many sidelined Americans, and regardless of the economic impact on ordinary Americans’ wages and rents:

We cannot wall ourself off from shared problems. We are stronger and better when we work together … At the top of our shared agenda today is keeping North America the most competitive, prosperous, and resilient economic region of the world …  [and creating] pathways for immigrants from Nicaragua, Cuba, and Haiti that were seeking a better life here in the United States of America.

Biden recently announced a plan to allow 360,000 people from four countries to move to the United States each year. That huge population transfer from Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Venezuela is in addition to the global inflow of illegal migrants, and Congress’s normal inflow of roughly one million legal immigrants.

In contrast, the Mexican president repeatedly boasted about how his government policies are making life better for Mexicans, and are reducing the incentives for Mexicans to migrate to the United States:


Obrador’s pro-Mexican policies include his demand that Congress give the huge prize of amnesty to Mexico’s illegal migrants in the United States:

I fully trust President Biden … I’ve asked President Biden to insist before the U.S. Congress to regularize the migration situations of millions of Mexicans who have been in the States working, living in the United States, and contributing to the development of that great nation, which is the United States of America.