Posted on January 31, 2023

Black Students Most Likely to Attend Worst Public Schools

Will Sentell,, January 30, 2023

Black students are more than five times as likely to attend a D- or F-rated public school as White students, according to a state audit released Monday morning.

About 41% of Black students attend a school at the bottom of the grading scale compared to 8% of White children, a report by Legislative Auditor Mike Waguespack says.

The review focuses on trends in traditional public schools as well as private and charter schools.

The report says enrollments at A-rated schools are 65.9% White students and 20.3% Black students; B-rated schools are 60.5% White students and 26.3% Black students; C-rated schools are 38.6% White students and 45% Black students; D-rated schools are 19.1% White students and 65.7% Black students; and F-rated schools are 9% White students and 80.2% Black children.

Private schools are overwhelmingly filled with White students: 88,101 White children compared to 17,172 Black students.

Charter schools are populated mostly with Black students: 55,916 Black children compared to 17,918 White students.