Posted on November 7, 2022

Book on White Privilege Pulled From Somers Classroom

Michael Woyton, Patch, November 3, 2022

A lesson on racism in a 10th grade class at Somers High School was halted after complaints {snip}

In a class, a teacher was using excerpts from “Me and White Supremacy,” a book by Layla Saad.

The book is described by the author as a journey for readers to understand and journal “their white privilege and participation in white supremacy, so that they can stop (often unconsciously) inflicting damage on black, indigenous and people of color, and in turn, help other white people do better, too.”

Some students sent their parents messages about the lesson, according to News 12, and the parents contacted Somers Superintendent Dr. Raymond Blanch.


“This material is not appropriate for use in our classrooms,” Blanch said, “and it is not in alignment with the district’s instructional policies.”