Posted on September 29, 2022

The Role of a White Father

Timothy Vorgenss, American Renaissance, September 28, 2022

Modern inclusive societies do not just attack the white man in general. They attack the sense of lineage within white households. Nietzsche said that when we look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into us. Greg Johnson reminds us that in our era, we are the abyss.

Inclusive societies banish prejudice because prejudices are a legacy of our past. They are the conclusions our ancestors arrived at on life in society. A white father is the link between what has passed and what is to come.

At first, a child belongs exclusively to the universe of the home, the protective nest. He is the center of it.

The crucial role of the mother of a white household is to prepare the child’s emotional autonomy, which will later become his intellectual autonomy. In addition to a favorable genetic basis, development requires an emotional balance, which a child seeks spontaneously from his mother. No one can fulfil this need for reassurance more than a mother.

Gradually the father will open the doors of the world to his child, but before anything else, he bequeaths his name, his blood, and his lineage. This immense succession of individuals who all converge towards the child are part of the answer to the question: “What am I doing here?”

Promote a common culture

A white father must promote a common culture between himself and his children. He protects the home against interference by inclusive societies, which try to make the father seem old-fashioned. They promote music the father didn’t listen to and a new generation of books and films — works the father can often neither appreciate nor understand. This increases a sense of brotherhood within the members of a generation at the expense of filial loyalty across generations.

Your blood is sacred

The blood in our veins is not only ours. It has suffered more, sought more, and found more than we ever can. It is sacred.

We know that the sacred is destroyed by mockery; we kill more by laughter than by the sword. It is therefore another habit of the inclusive society to mock and belittle the role of the father. Another custom is to use only the first name. In a pretense of familiarity, the inclusive society cuts children off from heritage.

Give your child a clan

A father instils a preference for his clan, the love of his own, his lineage. It is a concrete love, made of acts, effort, commitments — a love that builds. The inclusive society wants to inculcate a contingent love, one based on complicity of the mind.

This subverts the greater love, which defies contingency, which is in the blood, and is permanent.

Teach deferral

A white father defers reward. He despises consumerist temptations and instead builds up family capital. He will teach this to his children, who will in turn know how to be patient, to husband what they have, and to enjoy the fruits of saving.

We come from a winter civilization. To survive the “season of death,” our ancestors had to defer reward, to control and rationalize pleasure. It was sustained effort, self-mastery, standing under the gaze of one’s ancestors, responsibility before one’s descendants, the taste for deferred reward, the sense of tragedy, that explain our great achievements.

These things also mark our passage into adulthood. The accumulation of useless objects and search for immediate pleasures shackle whites and keep them in prolonged adolescence — sometimes endless adolescence. Inclusive societies favor this.

Childhood protector

Ensuring a fulfilling childhood means monitoring and selecting a child’s associates. This often requires a white community that validates our views. This confirms to the child that the clan shares his father’s words. In our time, building community is probably what requires the most care and preparation, but society makes this necessary.

Julien Rochedy, the former head of the National Youth Front, said of Charles Maurras (the founder of the modern French royalist movement) that his nationalism was an attempt to perpetuate the childhood he enjoyed, and to allow the children of future generations to enjoy the same carefreeness. This memory of a radiant childhood, which should be an island of happiness and serenity amidst the bustle of everyday life, is the most precious gift we can give our children.

The desire to become a father

To want the birth of white children is love for one’s race, for one’s lineage, and for the one about whom we know almost nothing yet, and to whom we will entrust our blood. This mix of extreme curiosity for what we will discover and confidence in what will be born fills the conscience of a man before he becomes a father. This becomes the will to have children.

Inclusive societies produce millions of failed marriages and failed fathers, fathers who fell into traps while their peers were moving on to the next stage. Anyone who had a failed father was slow to learn the basics of human relations. Failed fathers bring forth millions of unhappy children of our race, but this can be an advantage for us. If our children know not only the deep love a family, but a firm sense of lineage and place, they will become leaders of children who never had a balanced environment.

Our ancestors carry us on their shoulders; our descendants give us immortality. Children, don’t forget that your father is a moment of the past that accompanies you, and that you are his future. Your father shows you what a living ancestor is and teaches you to feel the presence of all those of your lineage you never met. Your father is the one from whom you come, and you are who he will become.