Posted on September 28, 2022

‘Stranger Things’ Star Caleb McLaughlin Blasts Show’s Fans as Racists

John Nolte, Breitbart, September 27, 2022

Caleb McLaughlin, one of the co-stars of the Netflix hit Stranger Things, is attacking the show’s fans as racist. He’s certain that the fact he’s not as popular as his white co-stars is due to the fact he’s black.

“My very first Comic Con, some people didn’t stand in my line because I was Black. Some people told me, like, ‘Oh, I didn’t wanna be in line because you were mean to Eleven,’” he said at a Heroes Comic Con Belgium event Sunday. “Even now, some people don’t follow me or don’t support me because I’m Black.”

“Why [do I have] the least amount of [social media] followers? I’m on the same show as everybody from Season 1,” he added. His parents told him that  “the sad truth” is that he’s less popular because he’s the “black child on the show.”

According to far-left BuzzFeed, Caleb, who is 20 years old now, has 15.4 million Instagram followers. His co-stars’ follower count is higher, and in some cases, much higher: Gaten Matarazzo has 18.7 million followers, Finn Wolfhard has 26.3 million, Noah Schnapp has 27.6 million, and Millie Bobby Brown has 58.5 million.

So the only explanation for this discrepancy is that Stranger Things fans are ugly racists who hate black people.