Posted on September 20, 2022

Chicago Police Ordered to Let Suspect Vehicle Get Away After Caught-On-Camera Gunpoint Robbery, Reports Say

Stephanie Pagones, Fox News, September 16, 2022

An Indiana man who was robbed at gunpoint while visiting family in Chicago used his military background to fight back and thwart any further attack, but police were unable to catch the fleeing suspects after officers were told to discontinue their pursuit, according to reports and interviews with Fox News Digital.

Ryan King, an Air National Guardsman living in Terre Haute, Indiana, was walking on West Wabansia Avenue in Bucktown on the morning of Sept. 9 when a strange, dark-colored vehicle pulled up.

“Three guys jumped out, and one of the guys had a gun,” King told Fox News Digital. “He put it up to my head and said, ‘Give us your wallet, or I’ll kill you.’”

King said he had relied on his military training to remain calm and – when the right time came – fight back.


A recent report from CWBChicago described how the group of men are believed to have been involved in at least 11 other robberies since August 22.

CWBChicago also described how officers spotted the vehicle they believed was involved in King’s robbery later in the day on Sept. 9. The news site reported that officers initially pursued the vehicle before a supervisor told them to stand down and let the car get away, in line with police department policy.