Posted on August 4, 2022

BLM Activist Says He Needed $40K Designer Guard Dog to Be Safe From White Supremacists

Andrew Kerr, Washington Examiner, August 2, 2022

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King said Tuesday that he purchased a $40,000 designer guard dog with funds donated to his political action committee to defend his family against white supremacist threats.

King, who has long been considered a grifter by some members of the black activist community, announced in February that his family had obtained an award-winning mastiff bred by the California-based Potrero Performance Dogs, according to a report Monday by the Washington Free Beacon. The announcement came just days after King’s Grassroots Law PAC paid a combined $40,650 to Potrero for “contractor services.”

King wrote in a rambling Instagram post on Tuesday that he requires a guard dog at his home at all times because “New York City won’t even allow me to have a gun” and “New Jersey doesn’t have stand your ground laws and hardly allows you to even own guns.”

He added that what his PAC spent on the guard dog is “not even close” to what it really requires to keep him and his family safe.

“I need you to know this so that you understand why our family not only needs a guard dog at home, but 24/7 security wherever we go,” King wrote. “White supremacists and people who’ve meant my family harm have now shown up to our last three homes. Multiple times.”

King co-founded Grassroots Law PAC in 2019. The PAC is a force in the “defund the police” movement, having raised nearly $4 million to help elect progressive politicians at the local level who will “fight to end mass incarceration and police violence.”


King, who has operated several nonprofit activist groups, has previously come under fire from members of the black activist community for his fundraising tactics and loose management of donor funds.

The mother of Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old boy who was shot and killed by a Cleveland police officer in 2014, accused King of shamelessly profiting off of her son’s killing.


BLM activist DeRay Mckesson publicly accused King of fraud in 2019.