Posted on August 2, 2022

70-Year-Old Asian Woman Brutally Beaten, Robbed Twice by 4 Juveniles in SF Apartment Complex

Michelle De Pacina, NextShark, August 2, 2022

A 70-year-old Asian woman was brutally beaten and robbed twice by four juveniles in broad daylight at her apartment complex in San Francisco.

The woman, identified as Mrs. Ren, was approached by four juveniles who asked her for the time in the hallway of her apartment complex on July 31. She told them it was โ€œ5-o’clock.โ€ As she does not speak English and was unsure if they understood her, she proceeded to show them her watch. It was then that the suspects began their attack.


Mrs. Ren refused to give up her phone after the juveniles located her iPhone 7. She attempted to escape to an elevator; however, the suspects followed her and pulled her out.


In the surveillance footage of the incident, one robber can be seen kicking the victim in the face before leaving the building.

However, the assault did not end there. Mrs. Ren attempted to retreat to the hallway but was unable to close the door before the attackers returned. They stole her keys and took turns assaulting her.