Posted on July 2, 2022

Pete Buttigieg Begins $1 Billion Pilot Plan to Ensure ‘Racial Equity’ in Roads

Simon Kent, Breitbart, June 30, 2022

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Thursday will launch a $1 billion pilot plan to address what he sees as cities and neighborhoods racially segregated or divided by roads.

Buttigieg has previously declared “there is racism physically built” into U.S. infrastructure, promising to address it soon after taking office.

As Breitbart News reported, he argued that some highways and bridges across several cities were designed to divide communities by race.


“There is racism physically built into some of our highways, {snip}” he added.


AP reports under the Reconnecting Communities program, cities and states can now apply for the federal aid over five years to rectify harm caused by roadways that were built primarily through lower-income communities after the 1950s creation of the interstate highway system.

The grants are being made available under President Joe Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure law.


Under the program, $195 million in competitive grants is to be awarded over the next 12 months, of which $50 million will be devoted for communities to conduct planning studies.