Posted on July 7, 2022

Eric Adams’ Aide Is Crime-Ridden Big Apple’s Latest Victim

Alastair Talbot et al., Daily Mail, March 22, 2022

An aide to NYC leader Eric Adams told armed muggers ‘You don’t want to do this. I work for the mayor,’ as he became one of the Big Apple’s latest violent crime victims.

Christopher Bauch, 33, made the remark in a bid to stop the mugging in Brooklyn’s Navy Yard neighborhood Tuesday morning – but he was robbed by the gun-toting criminals anyway.

Bauch was attacked while scouting locations for a future mayoral event that Adams wants to hold in the area.

He was suddenly approached at the intersection of Navy and Sands streets by two black men who demanded that he give them his phone and wallet.

Law enforcement sources told the New York Daily News that Bauch tried to resist the robbery, and also told his assailants to ‘Get out of my way.’

But both suspects then threw Bauch to the ground, drew a gun on him, before taking his personal belongings.

A source close to the aide later told that Bauch was ‘a little shaken up by what happened’ but is not suffering from any severe injuries.

He said Adams had been in touch to check that the aide was okay after the violent attack.

He is also said to be backing the Democrat mayors’ planned crackdown on crime, which will likely reintroduce tougher preventative policies including stop-and-frisk.

Adams ‘was very supportive and reached out to offer sympathy’ to the victim, the anonymous source added. Bauch reportedly alerted a security guard at the NYPD’s Brooklyn Tow Pound facility of the assault before calling 911, according to the New York Daily News.

One thief reportedly sped off on a CitiBike, according to several local outlets. No arrests have been made as of Tuesday evening.

The thieves were both described as black men, one wearing a blue and white sweatshirt, and the other hid his face behind sunglasses and a blue mask.

The source close to Bauch said the incident hasn’t altered the City Hall aide’s views on personal safety in New York City and that he remains ‘onboard’ with the mayor’s plans to tackle the 38 percent crime surge within the Big Apple compared to last year.

The mayor’s office had not returned requests for comment.

The mugging comes on the heels of a violent Fourth of July holiday weekend in NYC, which saw at least 31 people shot or killed in 24 shootings. Three people were killed yesterday on the 4th of July itself.

Police said shootings over the holiday weekend spiked 60 per cent compared to last year, which saw 15 incidents with 19 victims.

The massive increase comes after Mayor Eric Adams promised to keep New Yorkers safe over the holiday weekend.

‘We are going to use every tool in our toolbox to provide New Yorkers a safe and enjoyable July 4th holiday weekend,’ Adams said.

Adams has made a considerable push to get illegal guns off of the streets of New York City, resulting in murders being down 13 per cent from last year, and shooting victims dropping nine per cent.

But major crimes in New York are up 38 per cent this year compared to last year, with robbery up 39 per cent, burglary rising 34 per cent, and felony assault jumping 19 per cent.

One incident on Monday involved the 27-year-old boyfriend of an NYPD worker. The man was shot and injured in a drive-by outside a Dior store in the swanky SoHo neighborhood in Manhattan.

The man, who has not been named, was blasted by bullets as he sat in his car at 5pm on Greene Street between Prince and Spring streets.

He was rushed to Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital with injuries to his right underarm but was expected to survive.

Last week, the execution-style murder of a mother pushing her baby in a stroller near an Upper East Side playground sent shockwaves around the city.

The 20-year-old victim was walking with her three-month-old baby when the hooded shooter approached her and ‘fired a single shot into her head from a very close range,’ NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell told reporters.

Adams blamed the shooting on the ‘over-proliferation of guns’ and said that criminals have ‘no fear in using these guns on innocent New Yorkers.’

‘The over-saturation of guns, and dangerous people that repeatedly leave our criminal justice system to continue actions like this, it is what’s making the New York City Police Department and other law enforcement agencies…difficult to fight this issue,’ he added.

The area where the shooting occurred is an affluent and normally quiet neighborhood where violent street crime is less common than in many other parts of New York.

Across the street from the murder scene is the Samuel Seabury Playground, which was filled with children who witnessed the horrific shooting.

‘It doesn’t matter if you are on the Upper East Side or East New York, Brooklyn,’ Adams said.

In late June, President Joe Biden signed into law a legislation that marks some of the biggest changes to federal gun law in decades.

‘Lives will be saved,’ Biden said during the signing ceremony in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.

‘From Columbine to Sandy Hook to Charleston, Orlando, Las Vegas, Parkland, El Paso, Atlanta, Buffalo, Uvalde, and for the shootings that happen every day in the streets that are mass shootings, we don’t even hear about the number of people killed every day in the streets. Their message to us was to just do something,’ the president said.

According to the NYPD, the city’s current crime rate is approximately 13.3 major crimes per 1,000 residents per year. The combined rate of violent crimes – rapes, murders and felony assaults– adds up to 2.8 per 1,000 residents per year.