Posted on June 9, 2022

NYPD Arrest Career Criminal Who Says He ‘Didn’t Realize His Strength’ as He Tossed 52-Year-Old Woman Onto Subway Tracks

Ruth Bashinsky and Matt Powell, Daily Mail, June 7, 2022

Police have arrested a man who was seen on surveillance video tossing a 52-year-old woman onto the subway tracks in the Bronx in a random attack on Sunday.

The suspect has been identified as Theodore Ellis, 30, of the Bronx, who faces charges of assault and reckless endangerment, an NYPD spokesperson told

Ellis told police that was drunk and he ‘didn’t realize his strength’ when he threw woman onto subway tracks, ABC7 News reported.

The victim, whose name was not released, suffered a broken collarbone, and many cuts and bruises.

She was rushed to Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, and was said to be in stable condition. It is unclear if the victim is still at the hospital.

The incident happened around 4.40pm on Sunday.

In surveillance video, Ellis approached the woman from behind, grabbed her with both hands and forcefully threw her towards the tracks.

The victim hit the platform before falling onto the train lines.

Police said Ellis doesn’t remember what the woman said to him prior to the attack.

At the time of the incident, there was no train approaching the station, and other commuters were able to help the woman get back onto the platform.

An NYPD spokesperson told that Ellis’ rap sheet dates back to 2009 with charges that include criminal possession of marijuana, assault, torture and injury of not feeding animal, aggravated harassment, obstruction of governmental administration (OJA), forgery, and possession of a forged instrument.

The attack is the latest of many to have occurred in the New York subway system recently, despite Mayor Eric Adams promising to crack down on crime.

Transit crime in New York has sky rocketed in 2022 compared to 2021, with a 57.5 per cent increase.

Last Wednesday a man had his wrist slashed and arteries severed in the Bronx subway following an argument over loud music, according to a criminal complaint.

And just over a week ago a violent thug pulled out a knife on a man in the subway at Atlantic Avenue, after a ‘dispute’ and then stabbed him multiple times in the head and torso.

The 43-year-old victim was taken to the hospital in a stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery, while the attacker, who was wearing a Supreme beanie, is still on the run.

Last month, a Goldman Sachs worker Daniel Enriquez was killed after being randomly shot in the head on his way to Sunday brunch.

The attacker, Andrew Abdullah, had no motive and shot him in full view of other passengers before walking off the train at the next station.

He remained on the run for days before he turned himself in with the help of a Brooklyn minister.

And in April, subway shooter Frank James was on the run for two days despite being the most wanted man in the city.

New York Mayor Eric Adams, who was an ex-cop elected on a promise to stop crime in the city, has been slammed along with the NYPD for their failure to do so.

According to NYPD data, while murders and shooting are down 9.9 and 7.9 per cent, respectively, from last year, overall crime is up nearly 40 per cent so far in 2022.

That includes a whopping 40 per cent rise in robberies, a 19 per cent increase in felony assaults and a 14.8 per cent increase in rapes.

Transit crimes are up the highest, though, at 57.5 per cent – with 907 reported through May 22, 2022, compared to 576 reported at the same time last year.

Yesterday Mayor Adams fumed at prosecutors and judges for cutting loose suspected shooters, allowing them to unleash more gunfire in New York— saying the ‘bad guys no longer take them seriously.’

During a news conference with NYPD officials in Brooklyn, Adams praised cops for being ‘laser-focused on the shooters’ and making arrests but demanded that ‘the other team must do their part.’

‘The courts have to prosecute. Judges have to make sure they stay in,’ he said.

‘Everyone has to do their part. If not, they go out and come back.