Posted on May 3, 2022

‘Day-To-Day Reality for Black Folks’ Has Gotten Worse Under Biden, Says CNN’s Van Jones

Zachary Leeman, Mediaite, April 29, 2022

The daily lives of Black Americans have gotten worse under President Joe Biden, CNN political commentator Van Jones declared on Friday.

Appearing on CNN’s New Day with co-host John Berman, Jones ripped into Biden’s White House and Democrats when discussing sinking poll numbers, specifically among Black voters.


“{snip} I think a lot of Black voters feel like the Black community gave the most during the election, the historic election in 2020, and have gotten the least,” he told Berman.

“If you look at voting rights: so far nothing,” he said, adding that there has been little to no progress on other key issues, too, such as police reform, and student loan assistance.


“I think that when you have a community that feels that it rescued the Democratic Party, maybe rescued American democracy, and can’t get police reform done after George Floyd?” he said. “Then there’s something wrong and that disappointment factor starts to show up.”