Posted on April 10, 2022

HBCU Grads Rake in $14 Billion in Economic Impact, More Than Other Black Grads

Kalyn Womack, The Root, April 4, 2022

Graduates from HBCUs see higher median salaries than other Black graduates, according to a Forbes report. HBCU graduates were found to make $14.8 billion per year in economic impact and earn nearly another million dollars over their lifetime because of where they graduated from.

According to data from OnlineU, Black alumni from HBCUs earn more than other Black graduates in their state. At the top of the list of HBCUs with highest financial payoff is Xavier University of Louisiana. OnlineU found they have a median salary estimate of $52,582 in comparison to the salary for other graduates which rests at $36,962.


A number of factors contribute to these findings. OnlineU found the tuition costs, economic makeup of the student body, acceptance rates and loan default rates were necessary in judging a college’s value.

Additionally, OnlineU found the ways HBCUs financially support their low income students, through scholarships or Pell Grants, have helped their students graduate to higher income brackets. However, Forbes reported this was the very area where HBCUs fall short.