Posted on December 8, 2021

Ariana Grande ‘Asianfishing’ Controversy Explained

Emma Nolan, Newsweek, December 7, 2021

Ariana Grande has been accused of what is called “Asianfishing” after new photos of her emerged with her makeup seemingly imitating Asian features.

Earlier in December, a photoshoot featuring the 28-year-old pop star circulated on social media after being shared by photographer Katia Temkin.

In the photos, the “Thank U, Next” hitmaker wore a green oversized blazer with a white ascot tied in a bow around her neck.

Many people noted that her eye shape appears to look different in the photos.

“Ariana Grande really said ‘ok fine I’m done pretending to be Hispanic, I’ll pretend to be Asian this time,'” reads one tweet.

While on Reddit, one user noted: “Every celeb has had plastic surgery, but there’s something about Ari’s that doesn’t sit right with me lately. The overzealous eyebrow lift in which she’s actually changed the shape of her eyebrows from arched (as you can see in the picture I’ve linked) to straight, as is popular in East Asia.


Another tweet reads: “d*mn ariana grande collects races like infinity stones… was dressing up as black and latina not enough, now she’s gonna try on being asian?”


Similar to the term “blackfishing,” Asianfishing is when non Asian people alter their appearance to appear as a different race or as racially ambiguous.

As with blackfishing, individuals often use makeup, Photoshop and cosmetic surgery to change their natural appearance.

In this case, Grande is accused of trying to appear to look more East-Asian.