Posted on November 20, 2021

Dem Nadler Calls on DOJ to Review Rittenhouse Verdict

Chuck Ross, Washington Free Beacon, November 19, 2021

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D., N.Y.), the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, called on the Justice Department to review the not guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, calling it a “miscarriage of justice.”


A jury acquitted Rittenhouse of all charges Friday. Nadler called the verdict “heartbreaking” and said it set a “dangerous precedent” that warranted federal review. He asserted that Rittenhouse crossed state lines “looking for trouble.” He also suggested that Rittenhouse targeted people engaged in “First Amendment-protected protest.”


Nadler did not specify which division of the Justice Department he wants to investigate the Rittenhouse case. The Justice Department did not respond to a request for comment. The criminal division would likely oversee any investigation involving transportation of firearms, while the civil rights division would be in charge of any probe into First Amendment rights violations by Rittenhouse.

Kristen Clarke, the head of the civil rights division, referred to Rittenhouse as a “white armed extremist” in a social media post last year. She called Rittenhouse a murderer in another post.