Posted on October 29, 2021

Man Punches Woman Who Told Him to Take ‘Chill Pill’ on Subway

Tina Moore and Amanda Woods, New York Post, October 28, 2021

Viral video shows the moment an enraged man slugs a woman in the face in a crowded Big Apple subway car — after she tells him to take a “chill pill.”

The disturbing incident — initially posted on TikTok and reshared on Twitter Wednesday, where it’s received 2.4 million views — unfolded on a D train {snip}

The footage begins with the man standing over the woman, who was sitting down, yelling, “Say it to my face now! Tell me to take a chill pill! Say the word, ‘chill pill.’”

“Chill pill,” she replies {snip}

He immediately socks her in the side of the face — as people in the car gasp.


“Mind your business — say it again,” the man threatens the woman again as he moves away. “I’m dealing with my f–king kids, you understand?”