Posted on September 23, 2021

Secession Is the Short Cut to Right-Wing Victory

Red-State Secession, September 22, 2021

Curtis Yarvin’s excellent substack deserves your reading. He’s widely praised for his insight into why Western civilization is going wrong, and for his ideas on a new regime to replace it. {snip}

Secession avoids several obstacles identified by Yarvin that could block the Right from creating a better regime in this generation.

First of all, right-wing sovereignty over any portion of the US is more easily achieved than right-wing sovereignty over the entire US, so it is more likely to happen within the next few years.  Taking over the whole US is not in the cards in the next few years, even if there is another economic Great Depression, because the ruling class prevents the right wing from organizing.  Only the Left is allowed to have and keep major militias (Antifa) and other institutions of power such as major social media, education, academia, corporate media, the US military, etc.  But the Left can’t stop red states from having right-wing state governments, state police, state defense forces, and state National Guard.


Secondly, secession is the way to acquire control of institutions. A red state that secedes can use state power, and create state laws, to give control of institutions to the right wing, because a seceded state would no longer answer to federal judges. {snip}

Thirdly, secession is one of the only ways for the right wing to assert itself in a defensive, rather than offensive way.  In US culture, defensive action has the moral high ground.  Any federal attempts to deny self-determination and freedom to a state will be perceived as offense.  Secession can be preceded by a secession referendum – a democratic process to obtain legitimacy by consent of The People.


Secession can be achieved in the near term, before red state citizens are thoroughly indoctrinated by the Left, and before their population is swelled by millions more immigrants who vote.   It can be achieved while the Right still has strong majorities in some states: 2.6 Trump voters per Biden voter in Wyoming, 2 Trump voters per Biden voter in Idaho, 1.7 in Alabama, and 1.12 in Texas, to choose relevant examples.

poll by Bright Line/YouGov shows that a majority of Southern Republicans are in favor of secession, and that’s the party that dominates many Southern states.   {snip}