Posted on September 9, 2021

Baltimore City Vows to Remove Street Sign Honoring Convicted Drug Dealer

Jeff Abel, Fox 5, September 8, 2021

Transportation officials plan to remove a Pigtown street sign honoring a convicted drug dealer.

The city approved and posted the sign last month which names a portion of the road at Washington and Ostend Streets, “Anthony ‘Mo$’ Covington Way”.

Covington was shot and killed in Pigtown last year.

Online, his friends call him a “family man who loved everyone”. Residents in Pigtown, however, call him something else.

“He sold drugs there,” said one resident who was fearful of being identified. {snip}

Covington was convicted in 2017 of distributing narcotics and sentenced to 3 years in prison.


Most anyone can apply for a ceremonial street sign but applications must be approved by a number of city agencies, including the mayor’s office.