Posted on August 3, 2021

Philly Police Now Required to First Politely Ask Criminals to Please Stop Doing Certain Crimes

Brianna Lyman, Daily Caller, July 30, 2021

Philadelphia police are now required to politely ask criminals to stop engaging in certain crimes, such as defecating in the street, before officers can actually take action, according to an internal memo from the department obtained by Fox 29 reporter Steve Keeley.


The city’s expert has since deduced that “racial disparity does exist in certain types of stops” {snip}

Officers must “FIRST engage only in a mere encounter with the individual and request the individual stop engaging in the prohibited behavior,” the memo reads. Offenders will be free to leave and will not be detained. {snip}

Among the offenses subject to the new pilot program include “spitting,” “public urination or defecation,” “defiant trespass[ing],” and “prostitution.”